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What happens when something enters a black hole?


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August 05, 2011 9:17PM

Once an object reaches the event horizon of the black hole, (the surface in spacetime that marks the point of no return. Once an object crosses this surface, it cannot return to the other side) the object continues to gravitate towards the center of the black hole, with no chance for escape.

Any object in a very strong gravitational field feels a tidal force stretching it in the direction of the object generating the gravitational field. When an object falls into a black hole, the tidal forces from the black hole are strong enough to stretch the object and then split it into two. Then the two pieces each split themselves, rendering a total of four pieces. This process is called spaghettification.

As an infalling object approaches the singularity, (the center of the black hole. It is infinitely small and dense point) the tidal forces acting on it approach infinity. All components of the object, are torn away from each other before striking the singularity.
It is hard to say, but you will get crushed instantly. A black hole has so much gravity that it pulls in light and it will never escape. There are many myths to what will happen, but it will be impossible for sure until we evolve our science.