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Q: What happens when sugar is roasted on a frying pan?
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What is pan frying?

shallow frying in a frying pan

What is a frying pan a insulator or a conductor?

A frying pan is a conductor.

Is frying a pancake convection or conduction?

In frying a pancake the metal of the frying pan conducts heat to the pancake.

What is a spider frying pan?

It's a frying pan with legs.

A hamburger sizzles on a frying pan?

A hamburger sizzles on a frying pan as a result of conduction.

Contrast pan frying and deep frying?

Pan frying is when you only have a shallow amount of oil in your pan while frying while deep frying is when you immerse the entire piece of food in the oil, hence ''deep fry''.

Why do they call it a pancake if its not a cake?

Pancakes are made from flour and egg (and sometimes sugar) like a cake, but they are not baked in an oven, like a normal cake, but are cooked in a frying pan, hence they are 'frying pan'cakes, or 'pan' cakes, as opposed to 'oven' cakes.

A frying pan is a artifact?

i dont agree a frying pan is just a household neccesity no need to sell it on the internet or something its just a frying pan damn

What do you cook in a frying pan?

you can cook anything in a frying pan, literaly anything

When was Frying Pan Meetinghouse created?

Frying Pan Meetinghouse was created in 1791.

Why is a frying pan a conductor?

A frying pan will have to be a conductor so the food inside can be cooked.

Why does the bottom of a frying pan hot when you put it on the stove?

conduction causes a frying pan to get hot on a stove....................

What happens if you put ice in a frying pan with oil?

The ice will cause the oil to erupt and splash out of the pan, causing severe burns or a fire.

Is a frying pan a conductor?

A frying pan is a conductor as heat can easily travel through the pan since it's metal.

Is a Frying pan conductor?

A frying pan is a conductor as heat can easily travel through the pan since it's metal.

What is the utensil for frying food?

Frying Pan.

Is frying pan an element?

No. A frying pan is an object . It can be made of a single element or a mixture of elements.

When did Frying Pan Shoals Light end?

Frying Pan Shoals Light ended in 2003.

When was Frying Pan Shoals Light created?

Frying Pan Shoals Light was created in 1966.

Why is frying pan round in shape?

Because round shape provides uniform heat to the frying pan

What is a frying pan made of?

A frying pan is made of metel.

Which is healthier pan cooking or frying?

frying is bad but if u cook in a pan its is ok...-_-

What is the beginning and ending of a fish?

the beginning is the mouth and the ending is the frying pan

How do you fry fresh apples?

Place cut pieces of washed apples into a frying pan, on low to medium heat, place butter in pan, and cinnamon or brown sugar for taste.

Who made the first non stick pan?

The first non stick frying pan was made by Roy Plunkett in 1938. He made the frying pan non stick by using Teflon to coat the pan. Almost every home in the US has a non stick frying pan.