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Bad things. When your blood is circulating too hot, it affects everything. Your internal organs are stressed, as well as your brain. (which is why it's dangerous to have a high fever for very long) Your muscles start burning anything they can to function instead of oxygen, which results in them producing lactic acid. (that's why after you exercise you feel that burn) The body uses up all the liquids it can, taking them from needed functions. It's a dangerous state to be in--for short.

Some of the bad things are: dizzyness,headache.hurts to do anything,and you don't even want to open your eyes. If you do overheat just sit or lie down until you feel better. when you do get up you will feel a little dizzy still but don't worry that's normal.

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Q: What happens when the body overheats?
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What happens when your brain overheats?

Beats me

What happens to your body when it overheats as a lack of hydration?

When the body is dehydrated it reacts by heating, this is because when the liquid is ingested it passes down the throat and puts out the fire within.

What happens if a light fixture overheats?

it will explode

What happens to a psp when it overheats?

i think you are just about stuffed

What does your body do with the heat released by cellular respiration?

If the body overheats, it perspires to cool off.

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It Gets hot

What happens if your engine overheats?

You can blow a head gasket or the head can crack or be warped.

What happens when you run a 2001 KIA Sportage out of water?

it gets dehydrated and probably overheats

What happens when your ps3 overheats?

You realize, Man I am a no life for playing long enough for it to over heat...

What is the reason that high body temperature can result in death?

If your brain overheats, you instantly die.

What happens when a gran prix overheats?

My 2007 overheated and the engine shut down automatically - while I was driving

Can your body overheats and cause hives and redness to the skin?

Yes. It's called heat rash.

What happens to an electric motor if it overheats?

The windings melt. Also may start a fire if surround conditions permit.

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if your laptop over heats it might lose some memory if it gets that over heat!

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car overheats and produces steam/smoke. may crack engine block or head.

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your car overheats. Your oil is not going through the cylinders creating lots of heat

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Often this happens when a tune up hasn't been done on the car in a long time. It also may happen when one of the cylinders misfires or when the engine overheats.

What happens when your car overheats to the point that it stops?

Worst case scenario--the engine has seized and you are going to be buying a new one.

How is heat stroke caused?

It is primarily caused by dehydration; without water and sweat, the body cannot cool off and overheats.

What happens if your body had no ligaments?

what happens if our body had no ligaments

What happens if a vehicle runs out of engine coolant?

The engine overheats and parts can melt, crack, even explode (massive expansion due to heat.)

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Well mine the light starts to blink from red to green back and forth. This happens when i leave it on the charger and over use it. Idk about other phones.

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Each car overheats at a different temperature you need to look up and find out on the internet

What happens in a short circuit occurs in an electric circuit?

When a short circuit occurs the circuit overheats. Short circuits often result in home fires.

Why wire g ets burn in car?

Shorts out and overheats or has too much resistance for some other reason and overheats.