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when negative and positive separate they cause a front

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When polarizing an object what happens to the charges in the object?

They separate, with positive charges on one side and negative charges on the other.

Do positive and negative charges attract?

No positive and negative charges do not atract

What do batteries rely onto separate positive and negative electrical charges?

chemical reactions

When positive and negative charges no longer balance is call what?

When the positive and negative charges in an atom no longer balance, the atom is called an ion. A cation is an ion with more positive charges than negative charges. An anion is an ion with more negative charges than positive charges.

Do the nonmetals have a positive or negative charge?

Nonmetals have negative charges, and metals have positive charges.

When there is full of negative charges in a jar are there going to be negative charges?

No there are not going to be negative charges there are going to be positive charges!!!!

Do Electric field lines point from positive charges to negative charges?

No not always. There could be from negative charges to positive charges. !

Do electrons have positive chrages or negative charges?

Electrons have negative charges.

How do atoms acquire negative or positive charges?

they aquire negative charges by gaining electrons they aquire positive charges by losing electrons

Are electric charges only positive?

No electric charges may be positive or negative - electrons have a negative charge; ions have a positive charge.

Does wool have a negative or positive charge?

both because every object has both positive and negative charges but mainly has positive charges.

How does positive and positive charges react?


How can water be a neutral molecule but still have positive and negative chargers on it?

It is because it has positive charges (from 2 H) and negative charges (from O), that the charges balance out (negative + positive = neutral) (2H+) + (O2-) -----> H2O

What charge is on a balloon with more positive charges than negative charges?


What is the difference between positive and negative electric fields?

Positive electric fields attract negative charges while negative electric fields attract positive charges.

3 positive charges and 4 negative charges what is the overall charge of an atom?

If an atom has 3 positive charges (protons) and 4 negative charges (electrons), the 3 positive charges would "cancel out" 3 negative charges, with one negative charge left over. So the atom would have a charge of -1.

What forces holds a atom together?

There are two types of Electric charge that hold an atom together: Positive and Negative. If the two charges are opposites (e.g. Positive and Negative), then they will attract. Hence, like charges will repel and go separate ways.

What causes atoms to attract or repel?

If the atoms have opposite charges (positive to negative) they will attract. If the atoms have the same charges (positive to positive or negative to negative) then they will repel. You can look at the Law of Electric Charges to get more information on this.

Molecule that has positive and negative charges?

Polyatomic ions have a positive or a negative charge.

A compound that has the same number of positive and negative charges is said to be?

neutral. Positive and negative charges cancel each others.

Is it true that electric field lines point from positive charges to negative charges?

yes.. as it deviates 4m positive to negative

Are nonmetals positive or negative?

Nonmetals have negative charges.

Is Fe an ion does it have positive or negative charges?


What is the force of attraction between the positive charges of protons and the negative charges of electrons called?

The force of attraction between positive charges and negative charges is called electrostatic force

Do positive objects contain only positive charges?

No. A positive ion merely has more positive charges (protons) than negative charges (electrons).