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What happens when the next victom of a narcissist comes to you for help?

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April 28, 2007 10:50PM

Form a club against the rat! I'm not kidding! This isn't about the subject of cheating and you have to face the other woman. Both of you are victims. Narcissists can be mental abusers and do damage to their victims because they love to play games and think they are much more highly intelligent than the majority of people (of course it's in their own imagination.) Perhaps you should rent one of my favorite movies "First Wives Club" and how 3 women got together after the way their husbands had treated them. One had cheated, the other had used his actress wife to get where he wanted and then cheated on her, and the other woman thought she had the perfect marriage and found out different and went for counseling re a female psychologist who was the very one that was having the affair with her husband! While this movie is funny it also shows women what can be possible and how to take a bad problem and turn it around to something good. Right now I have some heavy problem solving to do and although I know they are serious problems I always make a joke about it with my close friends and then we have a good laugh. Laughter is the best medicine! It helps! I also try to change the problems the best I can and move on. So, if you feel like it, sit and talk to the last victim of your ex narcissist, exchange your views, then sit down, have a drink and watch "First Wives Club" and it will give you both some insight of how to make a bad situation better! You can't really solve their problems, but can say that your experience was similar and offer sympathy for what happened to them. It is a huge favor to validate someone's experience. However, you should not offer more than that since the other person needs to recover by solving their own situation. Also, this keeps you out of the loop of that relationship.