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Q: What happens when the screen turns green in X men?
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What happens to Eurylochus' men after they drink Circe's wine?

Circe turns the men into pigs with her spells.

What happened to Odysseus' men on the island of Circle?

When Odysseus and his men land on the Island of Circe, the goddess-enchantress turns the men into pigs. After he defeats Circe she turns his men back into humans.

Is there any green men on Pluto?

Pluto is certainly too cold for men to live there, green or not green

Do men have green eyes?

Some (but not all) men have green eyes. Green eyes are uncommon. One of the green-eyed men you might have seen is the actor Clive Owen.

What turns on men the most about women?


Do the green men from other planets exist?

:O thers green men i only no the sext men :P

Many are as green as the green mountains?

the men were as strong as the green mountains ( A+) answer

When was Little Green Men - novel - created?

Little Green Men - novel - was created in 1999.

What turns men on during sex?

It depends on the man.

How did Circe treat Odysseus and his men at first?

Circe turns Odysseus' men into swine.

How many pages does Little Green Men - novel - have?

Little Green Men - novel - has 300 pages.

What is the name of the episode of x men evolution where Kurt turns into a girl?

Wolverine and the x-men

The Odyssey- What animal does Circe turn some of Odysseus' men into?

She turns all of his men into pigs.

When was Dartmouth Big Green men's lacrosse created?

Dartmouth Big Green men's lacrosse was created in 1926.

Who 'created' green men?

your mother

What are the release dates for Screen Snapshots Hollywood Stunt Men - 1953?

Screen Snapshots Hollywood Stunt Men - 1953 was released on: USA: 17 September 1953

A guy gets out of his house he jogs 4 a little bit then turns left then jogs 4 a little bit then turns left then turns left jogs 4 alittle bitthen turns left he returns home and is meet by 2 mascked?

men who are the 2 masked men?? Baseball

What are the different types of green men?

envious men, sick (unwell) men...metaphorically, and Frankenstein?

Is there an old third doctor adventure with little green men in it?

In the 3rd Doctor adventure The Green Death, people are turned into green men by evil green goo. Is this the type of green men you are talking about? If you mean aliens, Doctor Who has always been full of them. The Exxilons in Death to the Daleks were small aliens, although not particularly green.

A men walks into a bar what happens?

"a men" can not walk into a bar because men is plural

When was Little Green Men - The X-Files - created?

Little Green Men - The X-Files - was created on 1994-09-16.

What does circe turn odysseus' men into?

She turns them into swine. [AKA pigs]

Is quicksilver's costume in X-Men Destiny green?

yes it has green stripes

What arouses men?

It just happens.

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