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I believe the water causes condensation in the gas,and could cause a problem with stalling. Provided it is an older model car.

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โˆ™ 2008-07-03 12:36:14
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Q: What happens when water gets in your gas tank?
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What happens if chicken bone gets into a gas tank of a vehicle?

What happens when chicken bone gets stuck in gas tank

What happens when water gets in the diesel gas tank?

it goes bo bo ba booom

What is water inside tank?

What will happen if water gets inside gas tank

What happens if you get water in your gas tank?

remove the fuel tank and drain the water

What happens if you get water in the gas tank?

depends on how much water if its alot you can do one of two things drain the tank or add alot of dry gas more water more dry gas

What happens to the water from geysers?

The water gets heated up and turns into a gas

What happens if water gets in gas tank?

The water will settle to the bottom of the tank. The fuel pump is located on the bottom of the tank which means it will be picked up first and sent to the injectors. Water will not burn so the car will not start or will but run rough and die. You can by a gas drier or pay less and go to the drugstore and buy some alcohol.

What happens if bleach is in the gas tank?

This is BAD. You must not try to run the car, if the bleach gets into the engine then it will cause serious damage. Yo will have to have the gas tank replaced.

What would cause your engine light to come on besides your gas cap being loose?

possibly air in the gas tank. this happens sometimes if you keep pumping a little at a time, trying to get to an exact amount. It could also be water in the gas tank. this happens in cold weather sometimes. you can buy a bottle of drygas or something similar at a gas station. it only costs a few bucks and gets the water out. it could also be some kind of debris in the gas tank.

What happens when you mix mineral spirits and water?

You Can burn it in you gas tank! And all you emit from exhaust is water

Where does WaWa gets its gasoline?

water can be pumped in from a leaking underground tank at a gas station or if you leave your gas tank only partially full and the temperature shanges it can cause condensation inside your tank

What happens if there is a hole in the gas tank?

the tank will leak

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