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At 100 0C water is transformed from a liquid into a gas.


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It starts to boil. The temperature of the water slowly increases as well

When you boil water, the temperature increases. When the temperature reaches boiling point, which is 100 degree celsius, water evaporates [turns into steam], leaving behind the salt.

it will boil once it reaches 100 degrees Celsius

When it reaches 212°F it begins to boil. When boiling occurs the water evaporates into steam. We use hot water for many things, bathing, cooking, cleaning.

No. When water reaches 100 Celsius it becomes steam and is no longer boiling water.

when water gets heated it starts to get excited and it stats to boil and there are atoms inside which viabrate and makes the water boil.

Because water will not boil until it reaches 212 degrees Fahrenheit.

The water will boil at a higher temperature.

The water will begin to change to a gas

The boiling point will increase.

In water, it just gets clean.

The water will warm until it reaches the same temperature as the flame. If the flame is hot enough, the water will eventually boil when it reaches 100ºC, and will then be converted to steam (water vapor).

Without injury, water can be too hot to touch when it reaches 130 to 135 degree Fahrenheit. Water will start to boil when it reaches 212 degree Fahrenheit.

Whe you boil water, molecules of water "escape" into the atmosphere. The molecular structure of water is unaffected by boiling.

The water starts to evaporate at its maximum speed in its boiling point.

When you boil carbonated water you release CO2

water will boil faster in a large pot because the water has more contact with the bottom of the pot than the small pot. That means the water reaches the stove's heat more and will boil faster. For the small pot, the water won't be as close to the stove's heat which is closer to the bottom of the pot. Therefore, the water in the smaller pot will boil slower.

when you boil honey you are going to get a crunchy solution if you want it to be watery you have to add water ( COLD ) and boil ! Good Luck xoxoxo

If you put salt into water then the water will boil a little faster, but not much.

If enough rain falls, upper layers of the soil will not be able to absorb all the water. When this happens , the water continues downward until it reaches an impermeable material.

Water's boiling point is 212 degrees fahrehneit. (That means that water will not begin to boil until it reaches that point). The highest recorded fever in a human was 115 degrees fahrenheit. So no... water won't boil on you if you have a fever. however the water on your toungue will start to boil if you get too close to the sun without wearing a spacesuit...

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