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Sea water contains a low concentration of bromide ion which is oxidised to free bromine Br2 by chlorine.

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You end up with chlorinated water This is what ha pens with saltwater chlorinaters in saltwater pools. No, You end up with Chlorinated Water if you add Chlorine to water, but Chlorine Gas and Water react to make HOCl and HCl, both toxic. Cl2 + H2O à HCl + HOCl

You would need a chlorine generator such as Auto Pilot. Many companies make them. After you install the chlorine generator, you add your salt to the pool.

Sure, you CAN, but why would you want to? The purpose of the salt in a saltwater system equipped pool is to provide the chlorine the saltwater system generates. It would be the same as having a saltwater system pool that the saltwater system went bad and you just installed an inline chlorinator in the plumbing instead of replacing the saltwater chlorine generator system so you could add chlorine with the tablets.

Yes, after all they are chlorine systems. the chlorine is made from the salt in the water. If you are not getting the correct chlorine level you may need to service or replace the salt water chlorinator.

To change a chlorine pool into a saltwater pill, it is important to drain it. From there, you want to wash the pool to get the chlorine residue off. Then, you want to buy new equipment. Add water, then add the salt, but not until the pH is balanced.

Adjust your chlorine generator levels.

Here is the deal. a "salt water pool" IS a chlorine pool. Only difference is, on a chlorine pool u add chlorine. In a salt pool u add salt and a "Salt Generator" turns the sslt into chlorine... so really both pools use chlorine.... Just saves u the trouble of messing with chlorine and chlorine shocks..

No, a saltwater pool is already a chlorine pool. ALL CHLORINE EVENTUALLY BECOMES SALT. Every pool that has ever had chlorine in it has salt in it.

Saltwater pools are not seawater pools. Saltwater pools contain less than 1/3 as salty as seawater. What they use is a chlorine generator to convert salt to chlorine. This eliminates the requirement to add chlorine and other chemicals to your pool. The level of salt is approximate the same as softened water. The good side is you only have to add enough salt to replace what is splashed out as salt unlike chlorine doesn't evaporate.

Many people are choosing to remodel their swimming pool systems to add saltwater chlorination. With a saltwater pool system, a chlorine generator is added to the pool's filtration system. The water circulates through the chlorinator, where salt produces a chlorine gas that dissolves into the water. That chlorine in turn, breaks down and turns into salt, cycling the process all over again.

Chlorine gas isdissolved into the water to chlorinate it this is also what happens in saltwater pools.

It becomes a negatively charged ion.

Most chlorine generators have a setting, or you could shock with chlorine or non chlorine shock.

1.) - When you add chlorine to the water, it will crystallize, forming the NaCl compound. 2.) - In most cases, the cost to haul saltwater to your pool would be prohibitive.

salt water pools don't use chlorine salts, they are bromine salts. So yes, saltwater pool are better for you.

It disinfects your pool. It keeps germs off of your pool.

That would mean a saltwater pool. With a salt water pool the water is run through a electronic chlorinater this is a device that separates chlorine from the salt turns it into chlorine gas which is then simultaneously dissolved into the water. you never have to add chlorine.

well swimming in saltwater is okay because saltwater is like natural water for our bodies. and with swimming pools, it has chlorine. all chlorine does is try to make the water as pure as possible. but chlorine has a weird smell and it can damage some parts but not that much.

yes, a saltwater system is in fact a chlorine system anyway the difference being that salt is added to the pool and a chlorinator is put inline to convert part of the salt electronically into chlorine.

All pools need something to help keep it clean and safe. Chlorine has long been the sanitizer of choice. Saltwater is no different, as the charged cell breaks down Salt in the water into Chlorine.

When you add fluorine and chlorine together, a chemical reaction happens; during this reaction the fluorine reacts with chlorine and the iodide (a less reactive halogen) is left in the solution. During the reaction, you'd expect to see bubbles and fizzing. Hope this helped Mohsin, 16 - HNC

Yes A salt water pool is a chlorine pool any way the difference is that the chlorine in a saltwater pool is made from the salt electronically

A salt water pool is a chlorine pool. The difference is that the chlorine is manufactured in the system by the chlorine generator. Otherwise NO DIFFERENCE!!

you would have to convert the pool to saltwater there really is no way to clean it without chlorine

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