What happens when you are playing Pokemon GO but the Pokemon you need to catch is in the water?

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Normally, you can attempt to capture a Pokemon from a few hundred feet away. If standing on shore isn't getting you close enough, try renting a kayak or boat to get there. Do NOT go out into water if you are not comfortable swimming or do not have proper safety flotation devices. Your health and your life are not worth that Magikarp.
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What happens after you catch all the Pokemon?

I've hered If you go to the game desiner he will give you somthing, on Sapphire if you get all the honan Pokemon and go to prefesor oke you can get another starter Pokemon (202 Pokemon or 200) in honan ,on dimand and perl after getting all 493 Pokemon you get an up-Grade (But you proberly have that ( Full Answer )

What happens when you catch all Pokemon?

Congratulations the game freak developer in the Celadon mansion will give you a diploma plus you get a gold trainer card and lastly prof oak will... Roar at you?

What do you do and what do you need when you are catching latios in Pokemon Ruby?

answer . there are 2 ways to catch latios. if u have an eon ticket and already have mystery events activated then all u need to do is travel to southern island in the ferry boat. u can only get the eon ticket wit an action replay or with an e reader card with the eon ticket. the other way is to ( Full Answer )

What happens if you catch all the Pokemon in Pokemon Red?

In the Japanese versions, the people in the Game Freak building (Celedon) will give you a Mew. In the North American versions, the people in the GF Building will give you a certificate that has no value.

What Pokemon do you need to catch Palkia in pearl?

There r 2 wayz 2 catch PALKIA in Pearl.1st u can weaken him by batling n use ultra ball.But i hav a Diamond version n i caught DIALGA by using master ball.U get da master ball from da leader of team galaxy in there HQ.So i think using master ball is a better way to catch PALKIA.. its a waste of a m ( Full Answer )

What Pokemon do you need to catch regirock on Pokemon ruby?

you will need Relicanth (Rare but is around sootopolis under water), and Wailord (Evolve wailmer at 40) and a Pokemon that knows dig . go to pacificlog then surf left if you do it right you will find a dive location dive, go down, then resurface at the brail on the wall.. once at the cave go up to t ( Full Answer )

What do you need to do after you catch Palkia in Pokemon pearl?

go down to valor lakefront (you can catch azelf if you want to aswell) and head down the road that used to be blocked by some guy. this will lead to sunnyshore city where you head to the lighthouse and speak to volkner and then you can battle him in his gym(in the top left of the bridge system) afte ( Full Answer )

On Pokemon Pearl what water Pokemon can you catch?

You can catch lots of water Pokemon. Here they are: Buizel Psyduck Piplup (you can only get it at the beginning) Magikarp (fishing) Wooper None of these water Pokemon I would suggest are good. I play without a water Pokemon so you could try that too. Their stats and moves are poor. ( Full Answer )

How do you catch water Pokemon in sapphire?

Most water type Pokemon can be lured in using a rod if you stand next to any patch of water use a rod to catch a Pokemon but every time it says you have a bite press A until the Pokemon appears then use a net ball or ultra ball to catch it, also use surf in any body of water move around alot until a ( Full Answer )

What happens when you catch all unknow Pokemon in Pokemon pearl?

I myself, have caught all the unknown, and not much happens. If you haven't talked to the ruin maniac right outside of veilstone city, then do so now. He will tell you to have a race with him to see who can get done faster. Once you catch all of the unknown, his digging tunnel will be complete, and ( Full Answer )

What Pokemon do you need to catch Groudon in ruby?

nothing stupid, just find groudon after you beat the 7th gym leader and go to the place where you beat the 8th gym leader .then you will find Steven and he will lead you to a cave and keep on walking until you find groudon.

What do you need to catch buizel in Pokemon HeartGold?

You have to get a national pokedex then on Wednesday or thurday (I can't remember one day is hoenn and the other sinnoh) and tune on the radio channel Pokemon music then go into grass at the route north of goldenrod city a catch it there. (You must go to the route first then tune in to the radio cha ( Full Answer )

What Pokemon do you need to catch reggigas on Pokemon Diamond?

you need to migrate the original regis (regics, rigirock and registeel) from emerald ruby or Sapphire. then go to the snow city with the 7th gym leader and go to the top of the villiage. you will find a temple. go to the bottom of the temple with all the reigis in your party and talk to the Pokemo ( Full Answer )

What item and Pokemon do you need to catch regice?

Item needed is at least 50 ultra balls, Pokemon needed it actually doesn't matter you can have any Pokemon that knows fly or flash if your playing emerald all you need to do is run a full lap around the cave. If your playing ruby or sapphire use fly or flash in the middle of the cave.

What do you need to catch Darkai in Pokemon Diamond?

You need the darkrai event to happen so you can get the item to access darkrai's island. When you get the "hotel key" go to the locked hotel in the city where you can access iron island from. Spend the night there and when you wake up you will be on a island (new moon island) and if you travel a bit ( Full Answer )

What Pokemon do you need before you catch Arceus?

You don't need to have caught any pokemon. All you need is the event or the action replay code to make the event. Then go catch Arceus. You should probably use a master ball or ultra or timer balls.

What Pokemon you need in pal park to play catching show?

You don't need any. Just transfer one from a GBA Game, such as FireRed, and you can participate. Example: transfer a Charizard from FireRed, then go to Pal Park and catch it. Pal Park balls are always successful, so don't worry about wasting them. Warning: once something has has been transferred, ( Full Answer )

What Pokemon do you need to catch Latios in Pokemon Emerald?

I haven't played the game in a while, but catching latias/latios I'd kind of similar to g/s/c; but you randomly run into them in random cities. Every time you change a city, latias/ latios change cities as well, so its luck of the draw to randomly find him in the same city

How do you catch water Pokemon without a rod in Pokemon Yellow?

A select few can be found out of the water, the most obvious ofwhich being the Squirtle you can obtain from the Officer Jenny inVermilion City after defeating Lt. Surge (Yellow only). You canalso encounter Water-Types by Surfing on the water, but no matterwhat you do, there are some Pokémon that ( Full Answer )

Which legendary Pokemon do you need to catch Zapdos?

You don't need any legendary Pokémon to catch Zapdos. If you're catching him in the Kanto Region, go to the Power Plant (East of Cerulean City) and bring a lot of Ultra Balls. If you're catching him as a random in another game, have a fire type Pokémon with you. Legendary Pokémon will pop ( Full Answer )

What happens when you catch all the Pokemon in Pokemon Blue?

If you manage to catch all 151 Pokemon, you have to go to the Pokemon game designer team in celadon city. there you can get yourself the Pokemon diploma. Basically, the pokemon diploma has no use in the game at all.

How do you catch Pokemon with Pokemon GO?

Just how they did in they anime--you throw a (virtual) pokeball atit and hope it doesn't break out. You don't have to wear the targetPokemon down by attacking it with your own, however.

Do you need wifi to play Pokemon GO?

You do not need wifi in order to play, but having it turned on onyour device can help increase location accuracy.

How do you catch Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

When you see a Pokemon on your screen nearby or in your location,tap on the Pokemon, then flick your finger upwards on the screen tothrow the Poke Ball when you are in a "battle" with it. Sometimes,the Poke Ball can miss, but it'll allow you to try again. When thePoke Ball absorbs the Pokemon, it'll ( Full Answer )