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Depending upon the circumstances you could be tried in absentia.

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What happens if you are in a lawsuit and file chapter 7?

If you have a lawsuit, you must disclose it as an asset in your bankruptcy. If you don't list your lawsuit in your bankruptcy papers, you can get in trouble for hiding assets. In addition, the court may decide that you are prohibited from pursuing the lawsuit.

Can you find out if a lawsuit has been filed for you?

You will be formally "served" with papers stating that a lawsuit has been brought out against you. You must be present when the papers come or it will not be validated. A signature is required.

What are civil papers?

Civil papers are a type of legal papers. There are several kinds of civil papers that include eviction, foreclosure, subpoena, and civil lawsuit.

What is the next step when a child who lives with you serves you court papers to live with his dad?

If you have been served with "court papers" or a lawsuit, you will need to file an answer and respond to the suit. In most (all?) places, a minor cannot initiate legal actions or serve legal papers.

Where do you get the papers showing taxes paid on a lawsuit settlement?

From your attorney

What constitutes being served in a lawsuit?

accepting papers from an civil servant

How do i go about legally starting process papers for lawsuit?

The "papers" for a lawsuit is called a complaint or a petition. You will need to set forth a cause of action as required in the jurisdiction where you wish to file suit. If you are uncomfortable researching and drafting legal documents, you'll need to hire an attorney.

What happens if a partner does not sign the divorce papers?

What happens next if a partner does not sign the divorce papers first time

What do you do next after being served with lawsuit papers from credit card company?

If you are served with lawsuit papers from a credit card company, contact an attorney immediately. If you wait, your time to answer the petition will expire and depending on the state you live in, that credit card company can obtain a default judgment to garnish your wages or your checking/savings accounts.

Do you have to fill out papers to get engaged?

No. It is just a commitment to get married. Filling out papers only happens for marriage.

How do you get sample papers for class 8?

Actually you cannot get it.

Can your parents just sign papers saying that they are n longer responsible for you and you move out?

They cannot simply wash their hands of you if you have not reached the age of majority. They can certainly give you permission to move out. You may have difficulty if you are not an adult in signing contracts.

What happens if you refuse court papers from a process server hired by an attorney or collection agency?

If the issue is one of a civil suit, the lawsuit will continue without the defendant responding. In such cases the plaintiff is awarded a default judgment and can execute that judgment in the manner allowed by the debtor's state.

What happens if you cannot locate your satisfaction of mortgage papers?

They should be recorded. Just contact your county recorder's office to get a copy. If the satisfaction is not recorded, you will need to see a real estate attorney.

Can a wife accept service of civil papers for her husband in State of Missouri?

When a person is served civil papers they need to be the one that signs for them. A wife cannot accept the papers for their husband.

What happens if divorce papers were never signed?

then your still married

What happens when you are never served papers?

Just because you have not been served there may still be a case pending against you. Sometimes law offices and process servers get backed up. Some states also allow an article to be run in local papers notifying you if you cannot be found.

What are pleadings and how are they involved in a lawsuit?

Pleadings are what begin civil trials. Formal papers filed by plaintiffs and defendants express eachothers complaints(Plntif) and a response aka "answer" by the defendant. Also used to bring facts to the trial through interrogations, requests for documents and other evidence. If a decision is not reached through pleadings then a trial is set.

If your illegal in the US can an under age US citizen help you with the papers?

Anybody can help you with the papers, but a minor cannot sign anything.

What happens now that you have filed for divorce and husband cannot be found to serve papers?

Unless he is served nothing. But there is limitations,depending on state laws. But at some point after a certain period of time, it will be granted.

What happens if you were incarcerated before receiving a deed on property you bought and cannot secure the property in pa?

Your lawyer must bring the papers to you to sign. Being in jail normally does not affect property ownership.

What is the party who defends in a lawsuit called?

In civil law, the party who is served with the papers beginning the civil action, and is defending the lawsuit is called the "defendant"; the party who brings the lawsuit is called the "plaintiff". In the strictest sense, the person in a criminal 'lawsuit' not a civil proceeding, is called a "defendant". The party, in the criminal action, who brings the lawsuit, a criminal proceeding, is called the "State". The representative for the criminal action against the is a Prosecutor. Please see the discussion page for further notions about using the word "defendant" instead of the label "accused" in a criminal proceeding.

What happens if the judge does not finalize and sign the divorce papers?

You stay married?

Can you use white out when filling out divorce papers?

You cannot use white out when filing official court papers. There would be no way of knowing who applied the white out.

Your dog has no papers and you want some how do you get them?

Only pedigree/purebred dogs have papers, and the dog must be registered with a Kennel Club e.g. American Kennel Club, English Kennel Club. Not all purebreds have papers either, a puppy can only have papers if BOTH of it's parents themselves had pedigree papers. Unless your dog had two purebred parents of the same breed that each had pedigree papers, then you cannot get papers for your dog. Kennel Club registration papers and pedigree certificates should be given to you by the breeder if your dog is pedigree/Kennel Club registered. Papers cannot be purchased and so it is not likely that you will be able to retrieve them (if the breeder forgot to give you them etc.).