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What happens when you complete the national dex in platinum?


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September 13, 2011 12:18PM

after you complete the national dex, go to eterna city. Talk to proffessor oak. He's in a house near the gym. He'll tell you that you have completed the national dex. Go to route 224. Keep going up and up the mountain area until you find a silver tablet. You will find oak waiting for you. Talk to him, and a shaymin will appear. It will run away as soon as it see's you. There will be a very, and I mean vey long flower path. Use a bike to ride across it. After you get to the end, you will see shaymin. It will be level thirty. I suggest using moves like hypnosis or falswipe. If you have a Roselia or Roserade, use a grasswhistle.

no that's what happens when you get oaks letter from the mystery gift