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Your books and content will remain on the device, but you won't be able to add anything more content through Amazon's WhisperNet service (email an address to put content on the device). You have the option to re-register, or use another account with it. You can add content via a transfer/USB cable without removing content currently on the de-registered device.

*Side note: You get a free month of Amazon Prime with the registration of a Kindle Fire; it doesn't have to be brand new either.

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Q: What happens when you deregister a Kindle?
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Deregister your kindle?

compre un kindle pero no puedo registrarlo que puedo hacer

How do you reregister your Kindle?

First you go to your settings and press the ‟deregister‟ option in the ‟Registration‟ part of the settings, then you wait for it to ‟deregister‟. Once it deregisters, a ‟register‟ option will take the place of the ‟deregister‟ option. Press the ‟register‟ option, and register it.

How do you deregister yourself?

Deregister yourself from what? This question needs more information.

Why do i keep having to re register my kindle?

There must be a problem with your Kindle. Once it's registered, it should stay that way until you deregister it. You should contact Amazon. Go to Your Account and find Your Orders. If the Kindle is less than a year old, click on the Return or Replace Items button and follow the instructions.

What does deregister mean?

Hapus Pendaftaran

What happens when you step on your Kindle?

it breaks

How can you deregister from this site?

you can not un-register form this site.

How do you reset your nook?

Go to Settings > Device Info > Erase & Deregister Device

Why is your Kindle frozen?

Kindle works with Embed Java, sometime it fails, Slide Power Button, and hold for 15s it will restart. It also happens when you run out of battery, so make sure you recharge your Kindle.

How do you reset your nook tablet?

Go to Settings > Device Info > Erase & Deregister Device

Often when you buy a?

Often when you buy a Kindle, it comes pre-registered to the Amazon account you bought it with. Fortunately, it's easy to de-register the Kindle. You can do this from the "Manage Your Device" page under your Amazon account settings on the web, but the easiest way would probably be from the Kindle itself. From the Home screen, choose "Menu" then "Settings" then "Deregister" and confirm. Once it's de-registered, go back to that menu and choose the "Register" link and your wife will be able to log on with her own separate Amazon account, if she has one. (If she doesn't have one, she'll need to create one for the device to be personalized to her.) I hope your wife really enjoys her Kindle!

How do you register your Kindle in your name?

# Press the Home key on your Kindle to make sure you are on the Home screen. # Press Menu. # Select "Settings" from the menu. # Move the cursor to the Account Name section and select "Register." If its already registered to someone, click deregister, then click register. # Enter the email address and password for you Amazon Account, then click"submit." # Wait for Kindle to process the request. The account name should appear when registration is successful. If it doesn't appear, you may have to repeat the process. Note: If you don't have an account log-on to and create an account.

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