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Do you have to cover your swimming pool during the winter?


Swimming Pool Cover Installation or Replacement?

form_title=Swimming Pool Cover Installation or Replacement form_header=11603 Please specify the purpose of the pool cover. (Choose all that apply)*= [] Keep out children and pets [] Replace fencing for code compliance [] Provide winter protection [] Protect pool while away [] Keep trash and leaves out of pool Choose the type of swimming pool cover you would like:*= [] Safety Cover [] Automatic Cover [] Winter Cover [] Insulated Cover [] Spa Cover [] Would like recommendation Is the pool you wish to cover an in-ground or above ground pool?*= () Above ground () In ground

Where can you buy a swimming pool cover in the Boston area?

Leslies Swimming Pool Supplies Boston has swimming pool covers. You can also purchase them online at several different websites

Can a child get hand foot and mouth from a swimming pool?

This happens but then rarely. When the carrier or the patient defecates in the swimming pool, this is possible.

Why does putting a cover on a swimming pool stop the water evaporating?

Any evaporation will collect under the cover and drip back into the pool.

Should you cover your swimming pool?

Absolutely, if you don't want your pool to become dirty with leaves and what not.

What happens when you hyperventilate and dive into swimming pool?

you pass out

What are the benefits that a swimming pool cover offers?

Swimming pool covers are able to keep your pool insulated as well as clean. Leaves, grass, and other debris are less likely to enter the pool.

How to warm up a swimming pool?

Get a solar cover, cover it and should warm up faster

What happens if there is not enough chlorine in a swimming pool?

The problem in a swimming pool with not enough amount of chlorine is that the harmfull bacteria wiil be not killed.

How do you slow evaporation from water in a swimming pool?

Use a solar cover....

Do you have to cover an above ground swimming pool?

Absolutely, just like an in ground pool, leaves, bugs, etc can get into it. A pool cover is just to protect the pool water from those sorts of things.

How do i keep my in ground swimming pool from holding water?

Pump the water out or put a cover over the pool.

Keep ducks away from swimming pool?

There are a number of different methods you could use to keep ducks away from your swimming pool. You could for example cover or drain your pool when you are not using it.

What is the science behind a manual swimming pool safety cover?

Not sure what you are wanting.

Is the cover for a swimming pool consider personal property since it can be moved?

I believe it is.

What is the pitch in swimming?

a swimming pool a swimming pool

How much does a swimming pool cover cost?

Having a cover for your pool will save money and keep your pool clean. Covers can range from $50-500 depending on what style you are looking for. You can buy them online or at a pool retailer.

Can you add optimizer plus to a pool with the solar cover on?

It's not possible to add optimizer plus to a pool with the solar cover on. You will need to remove the solar cover from part or all of the pool in order to put optimizer or other pool treatment products into your swimming pool water.

What is the purpose of swimming pool cushions?

I'm going to assume you mean the cushions that under the pool cover. They keep the rain water from pooling up on your cover.

Should you cover your swimming pool for the winter?

You should cove your pool in the winter, therefore, you will not have do deal with a frozen pool and not have to "thaw" it out in the spring. :D

Wy does putting a cover on a swimming pool stop the water evaporating?

water can't evaporateans escape under a cover. -The cover is also to prevent leaves and other contaminants getting in the pool.

What is the best way to keep your pool heated in winter?

Add an AquaWarm Swimming Pool Cover - I did and it works wonders.

What happens if swimming pool water is completely removed does it do any damage to the pool pump or any pool equipment?

Then you can't swim

Where can you buy a swimming pool cover in Omaha, Nebraska?

A pool cover can be purchased at Continental Pool and Spa. They are located at 2527 S. 120th Street, Omaha . Their phone number is (402) 333-9025.