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we can save the trees and the more trees we save the more oxygen we have and the longer we can stay alive and save the worls and stop global warming.

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What happens if we don't recycle?

if we don't recycle, earth will be budging with landfills.

What happens if you do not recycle?

if you you do not recycle our world will be a dump! Our citys will be just landfills!!

What happens to used car batteries?

they get recycle

What happens to things when you recycle them?

georgia chelsea

What happens to aluminium when thrown away?


What happens to the ozone layer if you don't recycle?

If we don't recycle, pollution will increase. This will lead to ozone depletion.

What happens to ozone layer if you do not recycle things?

If you do not recycle, pollution will increase. This will further increase ozone depletion.

What happens when you dont recycle?

you eventually run out of resources

What happens to the rubbish if you don't recycle?

We will be filled with wastes.

What happens when a file is restored from the Recycle Bin?


How does recycle happens?

Cans get to the make and then do into more cans.

What happens when you recycle electronics?

They get turned into new electronics.

What happens if you dont recycle paper?

If we don't recycle paper, the trees that make our oxygen won't last much longer.

What happens to clothes when you recycle them?

Hobo's run around wearing them.

Can you give me an example of a slogan on reducereuse and recycle?

If you are a gay.. .. . . .Nothing will happens to you. . . .

What happens if you don't recycle plastic?

If you don't recycle plastic then it is thrown into a landfill. Once in the landfill it will be buried with other trash which pollute groundwater.

What happens to the recycle bin once it's deleted?

Once something is deleted out of your Recycle Bin, the file is destroyed. There is no way to bring it back.

What happens if you recycle?

If you recycle then you will help the environment and make the world a better place If you recycle than you are basically helping the world become a better place.;D You should always remeber this IT ALL COMES BACK TO YOU or RECYCLE OR DIE! thank you for your time;D

What happens when you don't recycle phones?

If you don't recycle your mobile phone, what generally happens is that, once they're tested, most used mobiles are shipped overseas to be sold. Examples of countries where his happens include the Middle and Far East, South America and

What happens when you recycle a plastic bag?

First of all you should be knowing that Plastics cannot be recycled.Hence if they don't recycle nothing happens except pollution. Answer Many stores do have bins where you can return them. That keeps them off of the streets. It also makes it possible to recycle them since they are clean and separate from other recyclables.

What happens when people recycle?

The materials are reused in other products and consumption decreases.

What happens to the community if you don't recycle?

well when people don't recycle the land fills began 2 ple up and we don't breathe clean air

What happens to people who recycle?

Nothing. They just get the feeling inside them that they did something right to our earth.

What happens if you don't recycle cans and foil?

I guess it all just goes to waste..

What happens when you right-click on a file and select the Delete option?

recycle bin

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