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dont go on your iphone as much. Take a break. if that doesnt help take two advils to get rid of the headache

Menstruation does not affect headaches. You can have normal medicine during menstruation also.

The answer to this question depends entirely upon what the headache medicine is and its dosage, as well as your medical history, etc. For appropriate diagnosis, treatment or prevention of headaches, seek the help of a board certified headache specialist.

If you are an adult you need to take 3. If you are a child you should take 1

if its Advil i dont think it will harm you but other dangerous ones could thin your blood

There is no medicine for a cold or flu since there is no cure but there are medicine to help with the symptoms and if you have a headache you can take Tylenol if absolutely needed. If you need cough medicine speak to your doctor.

the best thing to do is take some medicine and get a lot of rest.

Penicillin has probably nothing to do with headache medicine. You can take any analgesic without regards to penicillin. Aspirin is not given below 12 years of age in fever. You are taking penicillin. That means you probably have got fever.

You quench your thirst, and relieve your headache :)

go take some medicine that your doctor recommends. it'll probably be over by then..

i dont know what is the medicine u know in form me ok 9980222508

No ill effects. When medicine is essential outdated medicine is better than no medicine.

It does not stop headache its just beliefs but what you can do is just go to bed and relax or sleep for some hours or message your head.But if it is a severe headache just take some medicine and then sleep for an hour.

what happens if i take amoxicillin and dont need it

Paracetamol . If it gets worse, consult your General Practitioner ( GP) .

Whether or not you can take a headache tablet while fasting for a blood test depends upon the medication, the test, and your medical history. Only a doctor can tell you if the medicine you want to take is acceptable with the test you are having done. For appropriate diagnosis and treatment of headache disorders, seek the help of a qualified and board certified Migraine and headache specialist.

Most headache tablets would be OK to take within reason if you have a headache while drinking alcohol. However drinking alcohol in itself can lead to headache the best thing to do if you mus keep on drinking is ti make a point of drinking just as much water. this may help get rid of the headache.

See your doctor for the best medicine available. Dont take someone else's advice.

She can take tablet paracetamol for headache.

One method of getting rid of a migraine headache that has helped me for years is that I take an over the counter sinus congestion relief medicine with a full glass of water.

yes, in fact both caffeine and aspirin are the main ingredients in a well-known migraine/headache medicine.

That depends on the medicine you take and how much of it you have taken. The best suggestion in this circumstance would be to consult your physician or poision control hotline.

You take it to the vet ASAP in my opinion

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