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What happens when you don't pay fines in a state that you no longer reside in?

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It depends on what kind of fines you're talking about, but penalties can range from warrants being issued for your arrest to your driver's license in any state being suspended to a judgment being placed against you which could result in wage garnishment. Simply moving to another state doesn't erase financial responsibility.

The person will not be able to obtain a license in the new state of residence.

Traffic warrants do not carry over into the jurisdiction of other states.

The state in which the fines are owed would need to file a civil suit in the state court in the county where the person now resides.

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That depends on the state you reside in or the municipality you reside in. Generally Disorderly Conduct is a low class misdemeanor, which could result in probation, community service, or fines not likely to exceed $300.

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What kind of state "fines?" They will do a background check on you, and during that check it is likely they will discover the outstanding "fines" that you owe, what happens next is up to the licensing authority. However, they might think that it does not display a good sense of law abiding and responsibility on your part.

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They are violations of the civil laws which can bring severe fines but no imprisonment.

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You are a state resident in the state you currently live in so if you're on a vacation or business trip, wherever your home is, is the state you reside. Added: Just because you were born in a particular state does not qualify you for lifelong residency in that state. You legally reside in whatever state your home/residence happens to be in.

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