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What happens when you don't pay the credit bureau money that is owed?

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Well first, you shouldn't owe a credit bureau such as Experian or Equifax; you should owe a lender such as a credit card company or other business. If you fail to pay, the party you owe may win a judgment against you in court requiring you to pay the debt. If the debt remains unpaid, wages can be garnished with a court order.

2006-09-06 15:57:05
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Q: What happens when you don't pay the credit bureau money that is owed?
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What will happen if you dont paid your credit card bills?

Your credit card company will report you to one of the three credit agencies, Experian credit bureau, Equifax credit bureau, and TransUnion credit bureau.

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How does Congress borrow money on credit in the US?

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What happens when you dont pay the credit fee that is due every month?

If you don't pay the credit fee or payment each month, your credit will suffer.

How does Dave Ramsey recommend building credit?

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How can I pay my account if I dont have a credit card?

You can't because you have nothing to swipe or store the money on

When do collection agencies report the debt to the credit bureau?

They usually give you 30 days to respond to the debt and make payment arrangements. If you dont respond they usually report it.

If you sue someone and they dont have any money what happens?

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How does it work if you buy gas on credit but dont have much money on the card?

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How much credit cards do you need?

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What happens for non payment of credit card FAQ?

if you dont pay your credit card bill, they will charge you the amount that you didn't pay plus interest on your next bill. If you wait too long to pay your bill, they might hire a collection agency to get the money back or reposses your things

Why is credit cards important?

because they hold your money so u dont have to carry it around. its a lot safer.

What are the three c's of a credit card?

Its theftYou cant have it if you dont have a credit cardWe dont know you!

Do credit cards do more harm than good?

You would have to be f******g stupid to have a credit card enough said. Get a debit card and (***DONT!***) overcharge it and (***DONT***) be late on any payments and you will be very happy with your change from money to card. :)

Can you get a smart phone on a plan with not so good credit and with not putting a lot of money down on it?

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If you dont have credit history how are you going to get a credit card to establish credit?


What do you do if the bank has given you 21 days to get the money and when does it show up on your credit report in Massachusetts?

Not many choices here. Either you get the money or you dont. It will likely be on your CR in a month.

Why credit for the poor is not really for the poor?

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What happens if unsecured credit card debt is not paid?

It goes on the credit reports as a delinquencyAnswer:If you don't pay your credit card debt then to your creditor may take you to civil court and can get a judgment to hold your property. There are other penalty as well if you dont pay your credit card debt.

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You Can Claim For Money Depending on whether or not you HAVE insurance. If you dont have insurance. your screwed.

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