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you have a trip a bad bad trip ;)

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What happens when you smoke nutmeg?

when you smoke the spice, nutmeg, you feel rather nothing. it only works if you eat it.

Can horses eat Nutmeg?

Yes, horses can eat nutmeg in very limited quantities.

Is it okay to eat expired nutmeg?

Actually, untreated nutmeg can be extreely poisonous

What parts of nutmeg do you eat?


What do people in connecticut eat?

They eat nutmeg cookies and seafood

What happens if you eat a tablespoon of nutmeg?

While not poisonous to people when consumed in normal amounts, a teaspoon or more of nutmeg in one dose can have serious side effects. Nutmeg contains a narcotic called myristicin. In large doses (a full teaspoon or more of ground nutmeg, or 1-3 whole nutmegs) at one time, nutmeg can be poisonous or even hallucinogenic, and cause nausea, vomiting and circulatory collapse.

How much nutmeg do you eat for a high?

You eat a whole jar. You can get it at the grocery store for a relativly cheap price. Nutmeg is very hallucenagenic. You will trip balls.

Can dogs eat nutmeg?

Nutmeg contains a toxin called myristicin that is bad for dogs. A small amount (i.e. if a dog eats food that happens to have nutmeg in it) will probably just cause some stomach upset. But a large amount of nutmeg can cause myrsticin toxicity which can lead to disorientation, hallucinations, heightened heart rate, dry mouth, dizziness, abdominal pain and seizures.

How much nutmeg do you have to eat to trip?

2-3 tablespoons

What kind of fruits do they eat in quebec?

grapes nutmeg and cocunut

Can smoking nutmeg get you high?

No, if youre really desperate eat a lot of it

Nutmeg- seed or nut?

Nutmeg is the seed of the nutmeg tree.

Can getting high off nutmeg kill you?

You will probably get very sick after getting high, it is a very miserable experience to get high off nutmeg. Also there is a chance you could die. Getting high off nutmeg is really dumb. The oil in the nutmeg that gets you high can kill you if you eat to much of it. Don't get high off nutmeg because you will regret it. You will get sick and could possibly die.

What do you eat beginning with N?

Noodles, nectarines, nougat, nachos, nuts, nutmeg, nectar

What food do people eat with nutmeg?

fish u don't know this answer omg what the hell

What is a nutmeg tree?

A nutmeg tree is the tree from which nutmeg (spice) comes from.

Where can you get nutmeg?

NutmegYou can buy nutmeg in the spice section of grocery stores.

Is grounded nutmeg the same as nutmeg powder?

Yes, but ground nutmeg is more coarse than nutmeg powder.

You took 2 tablespoons of nutmeg Nothing happens Should you up the dosage mix alcohol?

I would suggest upping the dosage.You really shouldn't judge how much nutmeg you're taking by the tablespoon. You should weigh it out using a scale, because the nutmeg may be packed tightly or loosely. Since you already took two tablespoons and didn't feel anything, I think you should take 3 tablespoons from the exact same source. Different sources will have a different potency, and the general consensus is that freshly ground nutmeg is much stronger than store-bought, preground nutmeg. If 3 doesn't have any effect, you should probably get a different source i.e. buy a different brand at the store. 3 tbsps has always been plenty for me.Drinking alcohol at the same time that you eat the nutmeg won't change the nutmeg experience. Nutmeg really starts to kick in 5-7 hours after I eat it, so you'd have to time it right. However, I wouldn't drink with nutmeg until you've really had the nutmeg experience.By the way, for a complete overview of nutmeg info, check out's Nutmeg Vault at If you don't already know, is a great website for any information concerning many drugs, including a lot of obscure ones.

What is nutmeg made of?

'Nutmeg' spice is the finely grated seed of the Nutmeg tree.

What does nutmeg mean?

nutmeg is a spice

What part of a plant is nutmeg?

Nutmeg is made from the ground up seed of a nutmeg tree.

What two spices are produced fom a nutmeg tree?

Nutmeg and Mace are derived from nutmeg

What spice comes from a nutmeg tree?


Where is nutmeg found?

where in the caribbean is nutmeg found