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It will leave a solid salt, consisting of the ions.


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Lugols iodine is a solution of potassium iodide, KI, with added iodine I2. the iodine dissolves due to the formation of the I3- ion (triodide ion). It is convenient form of iodine in aqueous solution.

When chlorine gas is bubbled into an aqueous solution of potassium iodide, some of the iodide ions are oxidized to iodine. The iodine molecules combine with iodide ions to form brown triiodide ion, I3-. In this demonstration, the aqueous solution is above a layer of carbon tetrachloride, in which iodine is quite soluble. The beautiful violet color of iodine can be seen as the iodine dissolves in the carbon tetrachloride layer. With excess chlorine, iodine reacts to form iodine monochloride, ICl, which is ruby red. The iodine monochloride reacts further to form iodine trichloride, ICl3, which is much lighter in color, causing the solution to be decolorized.

Iodine is most commonly found in a brown aqueous solution that turns purple in the presence of starch

Bromine is more reactive than iodine/bromine is higher in the activity series than iodine

It is the Iodine dissolved in aqueous Potassium(or Sodium) Iodide

Aqueous lead nitrate plus aqueous sodium iodide produce solid lead iodide and aqueous sodium nitrate.

The Iodine test is used to test for the presence of starch. Iodine solution is iodine dissolvedin an aqueous solution of potassium iodide. It reacts with the starch, producing a purple-black color.

Since Iodine is less reactive than chlorine, iodine will be displaced.Hence, solution turns yellowish-brown.

what happens when you put a sugar solution in a closed dialysis bag which is placed in iodine

The Iodine test uses Iodine solution, which is usually a brown colour. It is used to test for the presence of Starch. Iodine solution, iodine dissolved in an aqueous solution of potassium iodide, reacts with starch producing a blue black color. If the sample being tested doesn't turn blue-black, then starch isn't present.

because of the iodine dissolved in an aqueous solution of potassium iodide then reacts with starch then producing a dark purple-black color.

the endoSPERM searches for a egg cell and and forms a zygote around the process of iodine solution. WILL YOU EVER BELIEVE THIS DUDE?

A solution of iodine is covalent.

When iodine is added to starch it turns a blackish color due to a chemical reaction.

Iodine crystal is solid Iodine. Iodine solution is when Iodine crystals are dissolved in water.

I am not quite sure what happens when corn starch and iodine are mixed but when corn starch, iodine and water are mixed, it creates a purple solution. The darkness of the colour mostly depends on the iodine. Without the starch with iodine and water, it is deep yellow or brown.

Povidone iodine is and aqueous iodine mixture used to sterilize surgical site pre-surgery.

iodine solution is used for finding starch in substances iodine solution is used for finding starch in substances

Otherwise a solvent is stated, a solution of iodine contains only iodine molecules.

Iodine (I2) reacts with iodide (I-) to form triiodide ion (I3-).  Although I2 is insoluble in water, I3-is very soluble, so adding KI will pull I2into solution is I3-.

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