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You use both bonus scores. Double the letter on the double letter square and use that letter value to determine word score. Then, double the total word score.

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What is the highest scoring seven letter word in scrabble?

It is a word that contains two letter tiles worth 10 points each + a combination of one letter tile worth 3 points + four letter tiles worth 1 point apiece mostly vowels. And, one of the letter tiles with the highest points land on a double letter score and the word on a triple word score on the board.

What happens in a sea breeze and land breeze?

A land breeze happens at night. Warm air rises from the ocean and cooler, more denser, air from the land replaces it.

What happens when you land on both double word score tiles in scrabble?

The value of the word is multiplied by 4(2x2). Similarly, should your word land on 2 3x word scores, the wordscore is multiplied by 9(3x3). Thus, it is theoretically possible to score over a thousand points in one move by overlapping 3 triple word scores, scoring a 27 timer(3x3x3).

What happens when the sea hits the land?

it erodes the land and becomes a beach, lol.

What happens to land after a flash flood?

the land is washed away and than rebuilt

What is land scarcity?

Land scarcity is what happens when the demand for land is higher than the supply due to population growth.

Need help in writing letter of request for land?

we need to write a letter for a land request for a church

What happens to the land when the trees are gone?

If all the trees are gone in that land it would be very polluted in that land very simple as it is :)

Double land locked countries?

Lichtenstein and Uzbekistan are the two double-landlocked countries in the world.

What happens to tropical cyclones as they hit land?

Tropical cyclones weaken quickly when they hit land.

What happens when hurricanes form over land?

Nothing. Hurricanes can't form over land.

What happens after an avalanche?

Land becomes very destroyed.

What happens when land gets hot?

During the day, the land heats up then the ocean. This heat is radiated to the air above the land.

What are some landforms that begin with the letter Q?

There is no such land form starting with the letter Q. Please improve if you successfully find a land form starting with the letter Q.

What are onshore winds and offshore winds?

An "onshore wind" blows from the ocean to the land, this normally happens during the day when the land is hotter than the sea. An "offshore wind" blows form the land to the sea, this normally happens at night when the ocean is warmer than the land.

Cities ending with the word land and start with the letter s?

Saraland is a city in Alabama. It begins with the letter s and ends with land.

What Happens To Land After A Earthquake?

The government would probably spend some money on the repair of the street or land.

What do you get if you land on go in monopoly?

Double the amount of the regular GO

What happens to the land when a stream deposits sediments?

Normally, the profile of the land will diminish unless some counter force such as land uplift is operating.

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