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You cannot move your arm without using the muscle. Unless you use your other arm to move it. You may not be able to see the muscle move, but it must contract in order for the arm to move.

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Q: What happens when you move your arms but the muscle doesn't move?
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How do smooth muscle and involuntary muscle relate?

they relate because they dont move. ivoluntary muscle means that they dont move. the smooth muscle doesnt move at all only the skeletal muscle does.

What happens when a nerve does not signal a muscle?

the muscle doesn't move

Where in the body is the skeletal muscle located?

Found in arms, legs, and where ever you can move, because that type of muscle makes us move.

Where is the skeletal muscle located in the body?

Found in arms, legs, and where ever you can move, because that type of muscle makes us move.

What best describes the term muscle origin?

tendon attachment that doesnt move

How do you swim breaststroke faster?

move your arms faster, if you cant do that, get more muscle

What happens if the place where you catch grouden moves?

it doesnt move

What happens to your muscle when they relax?

all the muscle filaments move away from each other

Is the tricep a voluntary muscle?

The tricep muscle is mainly responsible for the straightening of the arm. This means that the tricep muscles are voluntary, and will only move if we wish to move our arms.

What is the difference in voluntary and involuntary muscle?

Voluntary muscle is muscle that you can move voluntarily, such as your legs, arms, and neck muscles. Involuntary muscle moves without you telling it to, such as your heart.

What is a type of muscle under voluntary control?

An example is the muscles in the arms and legs, which only move when a person walks or moves their arms.

What muscle group helps you bend your arms?

Your triceps and your biceps. These muscles are part of the skeletal muscle group they move by contracting and relaxing.

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