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Many permanent magnets are based on iron compounds, so are conductive. Why they are magnets, the iron neuclei are individually magnetic and align through something called the Exchange interaction, which allows a closer approach of the nuclei than less comples inter atomic interactions. (just some properties of magnetic materials) The individual iron atoms group into regions called domains, these (in iron compounds) tend to also align, giving a reasonably good permanent magnetic nature for the bar of iron compound. So the individual; magnetic moment of the iron atoms are grouped into an overall alignment in the bar, leading to the permanent bar magnetic property. OK we have a (for example) rod if iron compound that is a bar magnet. If we put a current through it, it may play with the exchange interaction, disaligning the individual domains, reducing the overall magnetic flux intensity of the bar magnet. The current will develop an additional magnetic field which will spiral around the (assumed) length wise orientation of the bar magnet. This will create a superposition of the magnetic flux intensities, and likely work to disrupt the orientations of the magnetic domains within the barmagnet. So two effects, a possible change in the permanent magnetic flux intensity of the bar magnet and a generation of a secondary magnetic flux intensity which will be detectable as a spiral field around the metal object

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Q: What happens when you pass a current through a magnet?
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What are the methods of demagnetising magnets?

Pass the magnet through ac current

What if a current passes through solenoid If yes then what happens in the whole process?

Yes. DC can pass through. As it passes through then solenoid would act as if a bar magnet.

What happen in coil of wire when you pass a magnet through it?

A current would be induced in the coil.

How do permanent magnets and electromagnets differ?

for permanent magnet no current is needed to pass through it,where as non permanent magnets like (soft iron) needs current to make it a magnet and after current goes it is no more a magnet.

Name two things that a magnet force can pass through?

what are the things pass through magnet fields?

What happens when electric current is pass through a colloidal solution?

it will get hot

Is current can pass through a magnet?

Since most magnets are made out of some metal or ally, the answer is yes.

Does a magnet stick to aluminum?

No. Only to iron and other ferromagnetic materials. Or if you form the aluminum into a coil and pass a current through it, then you have an electromagnet, which would be attracted to a magnet.

Why steel becomes a permanent magnet after electric current is passed through it?

Electric current is magnetic so when electric current pass through steel , steel will have the electric power and may be magnetic for awhile

If you circulated copper wire to magnet and pass current through copper wire it then power of magnet is incrase?

The copper, technically, wouldn't increase it's power but rather extend the magnetic field of the magnet.

What magnet is made by electric current.?

All electric currents create magnetic fields. If you wind wire into a coil and pass current through the wire, that is an electromagnet.

Can the pull of a magnet pass through water?


What happens when an electric current passes through steam?

Basically, if you fill a room with steam and pass an electrical current through it... Does anything interesting happen?

What is created when a magnet moves through a coil of wire?

Nothing is ever created, however, Electricity is INDUCED. The process is interchangeable, so if you pass a current through the wire you have a magnetic field (electromagnetism)lol.-originalposter- When you pass a magnet through a coil of wire, you induce an electric current. Also, if you move the coil instead you get the same result.-norman

What happens when electric current passed through water?

An electric current can not pass through distilled water. It can only pass through water that has ions in it. It can pass through most bodies of water and through tap water. Lightning can electrocute people swimming in pools and lakes simply by hitting the water they are in. It spreads out.

Does aluminum foil stick to magnet?

No, aluminum is not a magnetic material. But you could shape the aluminum foil into a coil, then pass a current through it and then it would be an electromagnet.

Can you boil water if you pass electric current through it?

Yes, we can boil water if we pass enough current through it......

Which property makes it difficult for current to pass through?

Resistance in the circuit makes it difficult for current to pass through.

Is it true the alternating current can pass through a capacitor while the direct current cannot pass through?


Can current pass through oils?

The current cannot pass through the oils.Oils are moleculer so molecules cannot conduct electric current

Magnetism from a magnet cannot pass through magnetic materials?


Can magnet force pass through non magnetic things?


How do you magnetise a needle?

You need to rub the needle with a magnet or you can use coil around the needle and pass current to make it a electro magnet.

What are two ways to cause a current in a wire coil?

Apply voltage to it. Pass a magnet near it.

What does electric current pass easily through?

it can easily pass through a wire a conductor or a battery

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