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it just bleeds bleeds bleeds hurts for a bit then bleeds turns into a scab bazuka doesnt work i've tried it loads and comes back after, by picking a wart you cannot get rid of it altogether, you can reduce the size but not the virus. you should get the wart removed by a doctor or treatments, they get a jar filled with ice put in a wad of cotton wool and put it on your wart or verruca from there it should fade if not put duck tape over it and over a few days the wart should be stuck to the tape and go.i'm only 10 but i've had two so i know say goodbye to verrucas and hello to clean skin im only 10 but i know because i have experienced two good luck caitlin xxx

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Q: What happens when you pick a wart?
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A small bump on the skin change one letter?


What happens when you pick at a wart?

it will bleed and it may hurt a bit. but i highly recommend you go see a doctor and check it out and get a treatment but i wouldn't pick it and trust me you will not bleed to death maybey it will bleed a little bit but that's it .

What do you do if you have a wart?

Go see a dermatologist or else more could grow, so don't touch or pick at the wart it will only make it worse.

What happens if you don't remove a wart?

The wart will continue to grow. Sometimes it may disappear, but usually it will also have spread to other areas or to other people.

What happens if you pull off a wart?

It is not really good to pull off a wart. They can leave a permanent mark on your skin. It can also let out puss and bacteria.

What happens if you cut a wart off?

it would start bleeding and would hurt a lot.

What is a sentence for wart?

She has a wart on her arm.He couldn't stop looking at her wart.

A small bump on the skin?

The real answer is wart

How can you remove a planters wart for free?

If you take off a planters wart most of the time it grows back worse. I have a lady that I work with who tried to pick it off and has gotten her wart frozen off at the doctor and payed a lot of money to get it surgically removed and it still is coming back.

What happens if you rip a wart off?

It will bleed, unless you use materials that are designed for removing warts.

Is a wart a parasite?

A wart is a virus.

What is wart in German?

wart = Warze

What is one genital wart?

condylomata is a genital wart. What is one wart called?

What happens if you pick chickenpox scars?

nothing happens

Does injecting a wart with botox kill the wart?

No it does not.

Can you get a wart in your earlobe?

Yes, you can get a wart on your earlobe.

Can you get a wart on your arm?

yes you can you can get a wart anywhere

Can you get a wart in your ear?

Yes you can get a wart in your ear.

A small bump on skin?


What if the wart don't fall off after being froze?

you wait for it to if it still doesnt in a few more weeks pick it off with tweezers

Which of these phrases describes a wart on the fingertip?

phalangeal wart

What wart grows on your heel?

It is called a Plantar's wart.

Is a wart a viral infection?

A wart is a viral infection.

What does it mean if you have a wart whit hairs growing on them?

In some cases its natural. Do not put wart remover on the wart when it has hairs in them, it will affect the wart & you will not want the ending results.

Can you heal a wart with a Band-Aid?

Yes, you can heal a wart with a Band-Aid, but not in the way you would think. If you use a traditional type of Band-Aid (with the pad in the center), do not place the pad over the wart, but cover the wart with the sticky part of the Band-Aid. More effective than a Band-Aid, however, is Scotch tape. Believe it or not if, you cover a wart with cellotape and leave it on for several days, the wart will drop off or dissolve. You may have noticed that if you ever leave a bandage on too long, the skin under the bandage goes white and loose. This is what happens to the wart, and then it disappears.