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What happens to baked goods when they are cooled on a solid surface?


What happens to solubility when surface tension of A SOLUTION is increased?

Solubility of the solid in the solution increases

How does surface area affect the rate of a reaction?

The powdered solid has a greater surface area than the single lump of solid. So the larger the surface area of the solid, the faster the reaction will be. Increasing the surface area of the solid increases the chances of collision taking place between the molecules of reactants, if it is a reaction in liquid or gaseous phase.

What happens to magma that reaches the earth's surface?

THe magma cools and turns into solid rock(eventually)

Why does crushing a solid increase the speed at which the solid dissolves?

ALL reactions (apart from Nuclear) take place on the surface. By crushing the solid you are increasing the surface area and also the SA/Volume ratio. This increased surface area increases the area available for the dissolution reaction.

What happens to the surface area and volume when the height of a three-dimensional solid is doubled?

The change in the surface area depends on the shape. The volume will double.

What is the solid surface of the earth called?

The crust is the solid surface of the Earth.

How does a particular size affect a soluble solid dissolving?

The bigger the solid the less surface area there is to be reacted with. If you broke the same solid into many different pieces it would dissolve quicker because there is more surface for the reaction to take place.

What is it called when something changes from solid to liquid?

solid to liquid= meltingliquid- solid= freezingliquid to gas= vaporization (There is two forms- boiling and evaporation. The difference is that evaporation happens on the surface of the liquid, and boiling happens throughout.)gas to liquid= condensationgas to solid= depositionsolid to gas= sublimation

Does venus have a solid surface or a surface made o f gases?

Venus has a solid rocky surface.

Does Pluto have a rocky and solid surface?

Yes, Pluto has a rocky and solid surface.

What happens to a solid object with a density that is less than water when it is placed in water?

it floats.They float at water surface.

What does it mean to increase the surface area of a solid?

increase the surface area of a solid means to increase the area of solid

Is mercury's surface solid or made from gases?

Mercury has a solid surface and is not a gas planet.

Does Pluto have a solid surface?

Yes, it does have a solid surface. It's mostly rock and ice.

What is earths solid surface?

Take a walk outside. Then you will be walking on the Earth's solid surface.

How can you increase the surface area of a solid reactant?

How can you increase the surface area of a solid reactant?

Is the moon solid?

The surface of the Moon IS solid.

Is the surface solid or gas on Pluto?


Why do smaller particles dissolve fast?

Dissolving takes place at the surface of the solid, increasing the surface area allows more solvent to come into contact with more solid solute. Therefore, speed of the dissolving process increases.

Which of the planets have no solid surface.?

The gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune lack a solid surface. 70% of Earth's surface is also not solid, but instead liquid.

What occurs when one solid surface skids across the top of another solid surface?


What of a solid figure is a flat surface?

A a solid figure on a flat surface is a plane figure (I do believe)

What will increasing the surface area of a solid do to the dissolving rate of that solid?

It will increase it, as more of the outer surface of the solid is incontact with the liquid that it is dissolving in. :)

What happens to a solid when energy is removed?

What happens to a solid when energy is removed