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I am feeling lucky button on Google shows top results and have some hidden games

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It takes you to the Google Doodle page.

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Q: What happens when you press I am Feeling Lucky on Google?
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What does im feeling lucky mean on Google?

When you type in a search word in Google and press "I'm Feeling Lucky", and it will take you to the top website listed on the Google page.

What happens when you Google 'Sexy Snape' and press 'I'm feeling lucky'?

The " I'm feeling lucky" tap will take you to one page with the key word "Sexy snape" as appose to a list of million with the same key word...

How do you get to Googoth?

You have to type in Googoth in the normal Google website then press I'm Feeling Lucky.

What is the numbers on the bottom when you press im feeling lucky in Google?

the seconds to new year

What are some Google codes?

eh if u type Google Linux , Google scholar or Google suggest and press im feeling lucky

What is a Google bomb?

a google bomb is something like typing in "destructionizing death site" and google popping up when you press feeling lucky

How do you personalise Google?

Type "support my search" in Google and press I'm feeling lucky, or press the top result. You will taken to a page where you can replace the Google logo with your favourite actor, sports team, singer etc...

Where can you find good pictures on the web?

go to Google Images n type what u wanna see then press I'm feeling lucky.

Is ooskar ask im feeling lucky scary?

If you type that in and press im feeling lucky you get a huge virus on your computer.

How do you set I am Feeling Lucky as your default search in Google Chrome?

open iam feeling lucky then press arrow next to french key in upper right corner choose: Options on Basics tab under On Startup change to:Open the following pages and press :Use Current

Where can you find a kid ballet website?

go to Google and type in kid ballet websites and press I'm feeling lucky and you'll end up somewere.

Why does Google search not go directly to site?

The intent of a Google search is to lay out the best matches for what you searched for, and not go to a random site. You can press the "I'm Feeling Lucky" button right next to the Google search button to go to the best match Google found, though.

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