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Well, if have pure water, the water molecule is electrically neutral, so it is not drawn to either terminal. Once a battery is dropped in the water, the sodium ions migrate towards the negative-tank and the chlorine ions migrate towards the positive-tank.

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Q: What happens when you put a AA battery in water?
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An AA battery will sink in water.

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It could explode.

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An AA battery is a 1.5 volt battery.

How much voltage does a AA battery have?

An AA battery has 1.5 voltage.

How many volts dose AA battery have?

AA battery has a voltage of 1.5

How come you can charge a car battery but not a AA battery?

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Before licking a dry cell , make sure that it has not leaked.If you have licked a leaky battery ,then dont drink water ,wash your tongue .Effects of licking a battery depends on type of battery.Zinc chloride battery does not cause any harm.

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A good AA battery has about 1.5 volts across it.

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If you mean like AA or AAA, nothing. Absolutely nothing happens. If they both have an electrical current running, I don't know, it might be dangerous.

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What are the ingredients in a AA battery?

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Where was the first battery created?

The first electrochemical cell was developed by the Italian physicist Alessandro Volta in 1792, and in 1800 he invented the first "battery" which is the correct term for a number of cells. An AA "battery" is actually a "cell". When you put 2 AA cells into something (walkman for instance) it is caled a battery.

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