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if it is the same like at&t it will work unless its locked out.

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Can you put a tmobile sims card in a at and t phone?

no you cant put tmobile sim card into a at&t phone- since it is a different company and provider the sims cards are toatlly different

Can you put your ATT sim card in to a go phone and have it work?

Yes, you can put your at&t SIM card into a GoPhone, and it will work, but if the go phone happens to be a Smart phone, and you do not call At&t and let them know and go on the internet you will be charged ALOT of internet usages!

Can you put an AT and T Sims card in a sprint phone?

No its at&t. If it were a sprint phone than yes. But not from two different companies.

What happens if i put a brand new sim card in my phone will my number change?

Yes to keep your original number you will have contact the phone company.

Why is AT and T the only phone company that supplies the IPhone?

I dont know why but i think you can just buy an iphone off amazon.com or overstock.com and put in your own phone company sim card into it. (EX: like I could put my T-Mobile SIM card into the iPhone.) Yeah that would not be a good idea to put a different phone company sim card into another phone company phone. that person is DREAMIN!

Can you put a boost SIM card in a Verizon phone?

You can put a Boost Mobile SIM card in a Verizon phone, but it won't work.

How much does it cost to transfer cell phone data to a different cell phone?

Depending on if you save stuff on your sim card, just take it out and put it in another phone

Can you put a different sim card in your metro phone?

Yes - provided the handset has been unlocked from its original carrier.

If i put my sim card into my phone and then take it out will my contacts still be in that phone?

it can or can not be it depends on your phone IT depends if you saved it to the sim card or the phone because you can do both

Can you put a virgin sim card into an orange model phone?

can you put a virgin simcard into a orange phone

Would it work if I put a contracted sim card into a pay as you go phone?

will a sim card from a contracted phone still work as a contract,were you get a phone bill for phone calls used,when the contracted phone sim is put in a pay as you go phone

If you bought a cell phone would you be able to use a different SIM card that has already been activated for a Nokia phone to put in the razor phone?

A sim card can be used in any unlocked GSM phone providing that the sim card isn't locked (which is rare) and as long as the band is right. (the razr is triband)

How do you put music on a samsung seek?

Put music on your sd card and put it in your phone

What does a universal SIM do?

Okay a universal SIM is a card that you put into any phone by your phone company. What it does is it saves your contacts to transfer them for one phone to another and it saves your phone number on that card so whatever phone you put it in you will always have the say phone number!

Can you put an att card in an unlocked tmobile sidekick?

You can put any SIM card in an unlocked cell phone.

Can you put an optus sim card in a telstra phone?

No you can't, it makes you put in a password and it may damage your phone.

How do you put your Verizon account on a straight talk phone?

can i put my verizon sims card into a straight talk phone

If you file a claim at asurion over a lost phone and say you have a different model phone then you have how will they know that the phone you put is not your phone?

The phone you put where? For Sprint phones, Asurion only replaces the phone that is currently on the account. Since there aren't any SIM cards in Sprint phones, when you want to switch phones, you have to do an ESN swap, instead of pulling out the SIM card and putting it into a different phone.

How does cell phone memory work?

you put the memory card in your phone and let it do its job.

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