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It goes into reverse gear, nothing else.

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Q: What happens when you put your car in reverse while the engine is off?
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What happens when you put your car in reverse while the engine is turned off?

Nothing... But it probably wont let you start it until you put it back in park.

What happens if you drive your car while its overheating?

In brief, you will blow the engine.

What happens when you shift from drive to reverse with out stopping?

car will jerk forward and then go in reverse

What happens if there is no engine in the car?

Car no move

Will the transmission be damage if you turn the engine off while the car is in reverse?

No, as long as you come to a complete stop before you put it in park.

What happens to a car that has not been driven for a while?

The car will not be ready for use so you have to warm up the engine or just ride it often

What happens when you add fuel to engine while car is running?

I assume you mean add fuel by pressing the accelerator. In which case the engine runs faster.

Is a airplane engine heavier than a car engine?

Almost always. Unless the airplane happens to be an ultralight, or the car happens to be a Hummer.

What happens to fuel in a car engine?

It is burnt.

When a car stalls what happens?

The engine stops.

Why does the check engine light come on after putting car in drive and reverse several times?

You have to get the engine looked at.

Why won't my car start again if I shift from park to reverse while starting the engine?

Your car has an automatic transmission which includes a "neutral safety switch" to prevent the car being started while the shifter is in any position except "neutral" or "park". This switch is activated by the shift lever and prevents voltage to the starter solenoid when the car is in gear (drive or reverse). This is a safety features that prevents the car from lurching ahead or backward while starting.

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