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Excellent problem question. If It was you that did this exposure then what would the narcissus person do. They is perfect so why would they do? If they are actually imperfect and have a temper? that may be aproblem. *I can tell you from my own experience that they react with complete denial even in the face of irrefutable evidence, indignation, counter attacking by trying to push all your buttons to make you look crazy, and by creating the most elaborate lies you have ever insane they are almost believable because surely, NO ONE could make THAT kind of stuff up. Also, if all else fails...they will claim you were the abuser and they are the helpless victim. They will drag you, your children, your friends and anyone else in your life through the legal system for years and actually get away with it due to their charm and ability to manipulate others, including judges and anyone else they encounter. If you plan on doing this, prepare yourself and circle the wagons and always stay one step ahead. You have to start looking at things the way they do, that way you can pretty much predict their next move and head him off at the pass.

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Q: What happens when you reveal a narcissist's secrets such as verbal abuse physical abuse suicide attempt and infidelity?
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