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Q: What happens when you smoke extacy?
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Can you smoke extacy?

no, you cant smoke extacy. ps. Any idiot who says they have smoked it laced with weed is just a scrub that doesnt know how to smoke the chronic.

What happens if you mix extacy with pain pills?

Hospital? Death? It's never wise to mix drugs.

What happens to your kidneys if you smoke?

what happens to your kidney when you smoke. WHAT I REALLY WANT TO KNOW :[ :[

What happens if you have only takin extacy 3 times in you life will it affect you?

you will not be harmed as much as if you took it more times

Can extacy kill you?

no it can not

How much is extacy?

extacy is about 5 to 10 dollarsbut when your at a rave its like 10-20

What happens if you inhale smoke?

Ultimately, the smoke will get into your lungs.

What does extacy mean?

Ecstacy is a love drug. It makes you horny. Extacy means love or happyness.

Is extacy addictive?


What are Rolls?

It's extacy.

What are the names for extacy?


What happens when you smoke a cigarette twice you had your first a month ago what happens if you smoke again?

nothing! be sure

What happens to your teeth when you smoke?

well when you smoke your teeth get very yellow and gross!!! DON'T SMOKE!!!!!

What happens if you smoke weed before court?

don't smoke weed

If i burn toast what happens to the smoke particles?

The smoke is spreading into the atmosphere.

Can a person on extacy transfer it's affect to a person not doing extacy and have it show up in there urine?

can a person on extacy transfer it's affect to a person that is not doing the drug and have it show up in there urine

What happens to you if you inhale gunpowder smoke?

Nothing happens to me.. Yet

What happens to you when you smoke tobacco?


What happens if you smoke cinamon?

you die

What happens to your throat when you smoke?

It pops out =/

My sister got bit by German sherperd what happens if the dog had raves?

he'd be up all night doing extacy and touching himself.

How can you produce extacy?

tickle the clitoris

What are the symptoms of extacy?

the effects are difficult^^

Is garret extacy gay?


What is the best way to do extacy?

to not at all.