What happens when you talk backwards?

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it could be pig-latin, yibberish or silliness, no one would be able to understand you unless they spoke like that as well
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What happens if Yasmin is taken backward?

You mean taking the "reminder" pills first then taking the active pills given we are talking about Yasmin 28day. Well I would say that you would not be totally protected against getting pregnant for the first 10+ days. simply because there are 7 days of inactive pills in each pack of Yasmin. They su ( Full Answer )

What happens when you jump start a car backwards?

Could blow up the battery, probably burn out one of the main fuses or fuseable links, could mess up the computer or any part of the electrical system of either or both cars. If by 'jumpstarting the car backwards,' you mean pushstarting the car (with manual transmission) in reverse, then no harm sho ( Full Answer )

The white knight is talking backwards?

'White Rabbit' by Jefferson Airplane. One pill makes you larger And one pill makes you small And the ones that mother gives you Don't do anything at all Go ask Alice When she's ten feet tall And if you go chasing rabbits And you know you're going to fall Tell'em a hookah smoking ( Full Answer )

What happens when you talk to plants?

When you talk to plants you are consistently respiring (breathing). During respiration (the breathing process) you take in oxygen and breathe out Carbon Dioxide, the more carbon dioxide there is, the higher the rate of photosynthesis

What happen if you can talk to a ghost?

that means you are a medium (psychic) and almost every body has that skill, you'll feel when a ghost is around, and they know who sees, feels them, some are attracted to that kind of people, better get used to it because they will be there always and you will feel a presence of a ghost it is rea ( Full Answer )

What happens to air particles when you talk?

by vibrating, your vocal cords force the air particles around them to vibrate (in fact resonate at the same frequency), so when you talk, the air particles vibrate at a specific frequency.

What can happen if you talk on the phone to long?

you can get brain cancer . there is no way u can get brain cancer from talking on the phone to long the worst thing that can happen is lossing your voice run ur battery down , alot of money for that one call or even lossing your voice or hearing

What would happen if the blood flows backward in the heart?

As is seen with mitral valve regurgitation, this would result in less blood leaving the heart\nand a lower cardiac output. The heart would have to work harder to maintain adequate blood pressure, and the person may find that they become easily fatigued with oxygen taking longer to reach vital organs ( Full Answer )

What happens if you connect battery backwards in a car?

I have not isolated it down to the exact part that will have been shorted out, but ultimately you will have wrecked the charging system of your car (the alternator). This means if you then installed a good battery correctly, you should be able to start and run the vehicle. But as the motor needs pow ( Full Answer )

What happens when you put your car battery in backwards?

When you connect the battery backwards you can cause major damage.. You can blow the alternator or its fusible link. You can destroy electronics, particularly the various computers - and these are not cheap.

What happens when you put a motorcycle battery in backwards?

When replacing the battery on my son's Kawasaki Vulcan 500, I accidentally hooked up the battery backwards. I had purchased an EverStart battery from Wal-Mart and the orientation of the main battery terminals was backwards from the original battery. Anyway, it blew the main fuse located in the left ( Full Answer )

What happens when reamer rotates backwards?

The reamer will be dull soon. It shurely happens after ~ 3 reverse turns due to friction of metal chips (back angle of reamer's blade does not cut). It is very difficult to physically destroy an reamer by such way but there are 3 problems: 1. Dull reamer will "scrap" instead of "cut". Surface will ( Full Answer )

Why does Yoda talk backwards?

In inventing languages for aliens in movies, writers often followthe language patterns in other Earth languages ( for exampleKlingon is in the word and case format of Swahili and Spock talksin Vulcan which is French written backwards). Even Jar Jar Binks isgiven an accent and speech pattern similar ( Full Answer )

What will happen to the time if the earth starts spinning backwards?

According to me , I feel the time will stop if the earth stops spinning and if the earth starts spinning backwards,then,may be,the time will start reversing backwards . May be the relation between space and time is too complicated but we will soon get the answer.

What happens if you connect a starter motor backwards?

By connect a starter motor backwards I assume you mean put the negative cable where the positive cable would go and then put the positive cable to the negative connection. In that case the starter motor should run backwards. That might be a handy thing to do if you are using a starter motor to power ( Full Answer )

What happens when the catalyic converter is put on backwards?

the exhaust wont flow as good. i recommend for the best flow isto just take a broom stick and punch a hole in it and make sure itis on the right direction. . +++ If that nonsense is what you think the right answer I amglad there's no chance of you ever working on my car. For a start Idoubt it's eve ( Full Answer )

What happen when piggy tries to talk?

It can not talk because it does not have a big voice box. Humans can talk because ours is big. So, we all know that is a stupid question. Why did you even ask that?????!?!?!?! Wow! DO YOU HAEV A BRAIN????? Um this question is referring to the book called Lord of the Flies where there is a charact ( Full Answer )

What happens when you install a floppy drive cable backwards?

The floppy drive data cable has a stripe denoting pin #1...PIN #1 on the FDD cable must be aligned with PIN #1 on the drive connector, or the drive will not work...This misalignment does not damage the drive, but the activity light will stay on constantly...To correct this, turn the computer off, re ( Full Answer )

What happens when you put a cylinder head on backwards?

If the motor was NOT started, if the head bolts WERE NOT torqued, then you would just need to make sure the head gasket was not pressed and put the head on correctly (head gaskets are cheap replace it if there is even a question). If the head bolts were torqued (tightened at all) you must replace ( Full Answer )

What happens when a fly wheel is put on backwards?

It rotates the other way. Yeah, right. You CANNOT put a flywheel on backwards. It's not physically possible to mate the flywheel with the crankshaft unless it is the correct direction.

What happens if you put an automotive thermostat in backwards?

It is very, very difficult to accidently do this. The heat sensor is so obvious that it naturally goes in correctly, without trying hard at all. However, to answer your question, since the heat sensor on the thermostat is not down and feeling the heat correctly, since the water is coming from the ra ( Full Answer )

What would happen if you put a fuel filter on backwards?

Most of the time you cannot put these on backwards because the filters normally have a big end and a small end. Most are labeled in and out. But if this happens, the car will not run correctly when it is started because it will not have enough gas.

What happens when you fall backwards down the stairs?

As an EMT instructor, I tell trainees to consider the mechanism of injury en route to the scene. In this case we would want to know how many stairs (from what height), whether there were objects on the stairs (toys, clothing, etc), how big is the patient, what surface was the landing (carpet, tile, ( Full Answer )

How do you backwards?

like you can, but it is very hard, your bum cheaks will hurt after and you must rest them after i hope this has helped and i look forwrad to hearing your sexual stories lots of love xx 8====D-------------------------######

How do astronomers observing distant galaxies talk about looking backward in time?

The speed of light is not infinite. Light takes time to travel fromdistant galaxies to our eyes here on Earth. If a galaxy is 1billion light years away, it has taken 1 billion years for thelight emitted by said galaxy to reach us here, so (obviously) weare seeing the light emitted 1 billion years ag ( Full Answer )

What may happen if you insert a negative into a film scanner backwards?

If you truly mean 'backwards' as in left in first instead of right, the image will also be backwards. So, just turn the photo around and it will be right. In effect, you won't know the difference. If you mean up-side-down, then the image will be a mirror image of what it should have been. I.e. the ( Full Answer )

What happens when you put a clutch in backwards?

You cannot physically put a clutch disk in backwards unless you force it together. If you do this you will destroy the clutch disc and possibly other clutch components.

What happens when a maf sensor is installed backwards?

Usually it is difficult to install a maf backwards unless modifications (and an associated mistake) have been made to the intake system. this also depends on the design of the sensor and sensor housing. When installed backwards, the vehicle may idle fine and even rev with no problem; however, whi ( Full Answer )

What would happen if everything went backwards?

Lollipops and sexy fish and your name and if u want to be a loser be a winner and if u r a winner stay like that u hobos now write this down and you homework

What does it mean if a girl talks to you about What is is happening to her?

Honey, from a girls point of view, I talk to guys, random guys about my emotional side and my life. We sometimes just need someone who we think will listen and not comment or embrace you in a huge hug and probably new to talk to. It means she probably trusts you and possibly, even likes you in a lik ( Full Answer )

What happens if diretional tires are backwards?

There is a very good possibility that the inner belts will separate, ruining the tire. When you are driving behind cars that seem to wobble sideways all the time, that is usually the reason.

What happens when you throw a plane backwards in flight?

There is no technical way of throwing an airplane backwards in flight. Reverse thrust only works on the ground. In aerobatics there is a maneuver called a hammerhead that involves going straight up until the airspeed drops to the critical point, here the pilot turns the airplane 180 degrees by th ( Full Answer )

What happens to a snake if its forced backwards?

It either coils up and raises its head or it will turn and slither away, if it has the option of doing so. It also depends on what breed of snake is being threatened. Venomous snakes of course will defend themselves and strike. However, docile snakes tend to coil up and protect themselves.