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What happens when you use someone elses' credit card?

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if you use it without permission or stole it then you will get in deep trouble. unless they give you permission.

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Yes I believe you can report credit card fraud if you know someone who has someone elses credit card, if let's say one of your friends or family member got there credit card stolen and you also know the person who stole the credit card you can report a credit card fraud or you can just let your friend or family member report fraud on there credit card, I hope this helps :).

You don't, because that would be illegal.

No, Using someone elses card is by definition fraud (even with their permission). Fraud is a criminal offence.

You should not borrow a credit card. Get your own. If you are not credit worthy, then you'll need to do without one. ------------------------------------------------- Using someone elses card is by definition fraud (even with their permission). Fraud is a criminal offence. You aren't able to borrow a card because you may abuse the usage of it.

Absolutely yes. It happens to someone everyday.

Yes, you can. (I mean if you want to..) There's a reason for it too: "Where ther's a will, there's a way." Hope it helps...LOL :)

No, you can not give credit that you have to someone else. You can loan someone money or your credit card, but you are still responsible for paying the credit card company back.

If someone stops paying their credit card bill, the account will go into collections. Additional fees and interests will be added to the account. Based on the amount owed on the credit card bill, the lender may file suit.

I'm pretty sure no one can use someone elses credit card. Not even if your sixty. For safety reasons. I was never allowed to use my parents card, when I would go to the store. So you would need your own card, under your name

Depending on the state, and the amount purchased using the stolen credit card, the punishment will vary by state. For example, any credit card theft in Texas is a felony offense, while some offenses in Connecticut are only misdemeanors. The punishment may range from a fine to prison time.

If they have a credit card facility yes

I'm sure they can tell the credit-card company anything they like. Whether it makes a difference is another question. The card-holder has the contract with the credit-card company. There is no way they could legally go after someone else for payment of the debt, unless they were also a signatory to the account. That just seems common sense to me. Sorry I am not a lawyer though.

The person's credit card debt will remain as unpaid unless they pay it. Going to prison does not cancel any type of debts incurred.

In order to find out what an SBI credit card is and what the rates are for this kind of card, you are going to have to ask someone who owns one or someone who works at your local credit union.

Credit card affiliates offer credit card customers exclusive deals and incentives for using a credit card. This does not affect an application as the enrollment in the program is voluntary.

Someone wanting to apply for a Citi credit card can do so online. Someone would just have to go to the Citi credit card page and fill out their information.

This happens when someone pays too much money on their credit card statement. You have money "on credit" in addition to your credit limit. These amounts can be refunded but will usually remain in the account until you charge using the card again, then those funds will be applied towards your purchases on credit.

Most credit card companies will offer a credit card for someone with no credit history. A few of them are capital one, any prepaid credit card and most banks. If you have no credit history the best way to go would be to go thru your bank.

When using someone elses card, if you are not listed on the policy and no premium is being collected for you, then you will not have coverage.

Someone may increase their credit limit by visiting the local bank branch and speaking with a bank teller. The individual can then ask for an increase in their credit limit on their credit card.

the credit card company sends people to get their money i would want to pay them.

Of Course you can transfer money from credit card to your debit card.Direct transfer is not available from credit card to bank but you can get money over cash against credit card.It's very simple that you need to swipe your card and get funds in your debit account. Call us: 7299927000 UNIK Solutions

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