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Well if you water a plant with Sprite, it will grow larger than if you watered it with Coke. TRY IT! IT IS SO FUN!

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Q: What happens when you water your plants with sprite?
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Can you water plants with sprite?

No you should not water the plants with sprite The answers to your question is in the question itself . just water the plants do not use any substitute for its place. The sprite seems to be clear just like water that's might have made you thought to water plants by it but the sprite has little acidity which is harmful for the plant.

What happens when you mix water with pyrite?

sprite mixed with water

Sprite vs water Which liquid grows plants better?


What happens when you put a rusty screw with Sprite?

Sprite is more corrosive than simple water.

Can plants survive with something other than water?

yes, sprite

What is the best type of liquid to grow plants with?

Believe it or not, it's Sprite Zero. I did an experiment to see whether plants grow in water better than Sprite Zero, and the Sprite Zero plants positively flourished! Hope that helps, from PNE.

How does sprite affect the plant growth?

Their is belief that sprite helps plants grow tall, but it doesn't. Sodas that contain sugar really prevent plants from absorbing the water and nutrients they need.

Will coca-cola water or sprite make plants grow faster?

water will, the molecules of water are necessary for a plant to do photosynthesis.

Is sprite healthy for plants?

Yes it is healthy for plants because it will help the plant stay healthy longer than plants with just water in it.

Can plants be watered with Sprite Zero?

Yes. You can water your plants with sprite zero, and - like with any other soda that is carbonated and contains high fructcose corn syrup - your plant will be dead within a couple of days

What happens if you put salt in sprite?

It taste like terrible sprite!

Where is Sprite made?

Sprite is bottled regionally at Coca-Cola bottling plants.

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