What happens when your penis gets erect?


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It gets erect when the person is sexually excited. It stays erect until the person is no longer sexually excited then returns to it's normal flaccid state. The penis erects for sexual intercourse with another person or for masturbation. It is not a requirement for either of these things to happen because of the penis erecting though.

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YES YOU CAN!!! Sperm still "leave" the penis without ejaculation. OR being erect.

When you get an erection, your penis gets bigger and longer, and it becomes very firm. This happens when blood fills the inside of the shaft and makes your penis erect. It can feel very tight and sensitive in a pleasurable way. when you get a boner, your penis gets bigger and longer and it becomes very hard and firm. this happens when blood fills the inside of the shaft and makes your penis erect. if you hold your boner in a full grip and move it up and down you're masturbating, which the end result of is very amazing

The average erect penis length is 5.1-5.9 inches. It is important to measure the penis erect as the flaccid penis length is no indicator of the erect penis length.

Yes and no. It gets erect like a human penis and looks similar in that regard. However, a stallion's penis is much larger than a mans penis

When your penis is not erect it does not fully cum, but sometimes you experience pre-cum but it's only a small amount.

An erect shaft is a penis that has become hard or stiff. This normally happens when a man is aroused sexually or right after waking up in the morning.

How much blood does it take to make a penis erect?

In men the penis and in women the clitoris and the vagina which also gets swollen.

Their clitoris (analogous to the penis) becomes erect, and they also get hard nipples.

More talkative, more stupid, puke, difficult to have an erect penis

it means that when a penis is erect it curved upwards while some erect penises are just straight.

Yes its totally normal. The erect penis is about twice the size of the placid penis.

The penis becomes erect from blood flow into the penis. If there is any problem with blood not flowing systematically, it can cause the erection problem.

that is how humans have babies. First the male gets aroused and his penis gets erect/hard, making it possible for him to insert his penis in the girl's vagina. Then after some in and out motions, he ejaculates semen (containing sperm) which impregnates the girl, who gets pregnant . . . sometimes.

"A boner" is slang for erection so it's not on your penis, it is your penis when erect.

As the penis does not have any musclles, it is the flow of blood that makes it erect.

if you would want to get your penis erect all you can do is either watch some porn read sex magazines masturbate jerk off touch a sex mate thats all a man can doo to gat their penis erect

When a male is sexually aroused, his penis becomes hard and erect. For an uncircumcised male, the head of his penis is covered by loose skin (the foreskin) when it is not erect but when it becomes erect, the loose skin is stretched and so the head (glans) becomes uncovered. Many men are circumcised. That means that for health, hygiene or religious reasons, some of the foreskin that would otherwise cover the glans when the penis is not erect has been surgically removed. For these men, the penis head is mostly visible even if his penis is not erect.

No. The size of the erect penis is determined by the size of the erectile chambers inside the penis, not the amount of penis size. A penis that would be 5 inches when erect uncut would still be 5 inches when erect if it were circumcised.An uncut penis looks normal except it has the foreskin still attached to the top head.

Your penis is not going to stay erect for a long time. No one's stays erect for more than 15 minutes. Stimulation causes it to cycle again.

If you're a woman: You'll get the dire to be penetrated into your vagina and the Vagina gets moist. If you're a guy: You'll get the dire to want to penetrate your penis into something and Your penis is erect.

If the penis is not erect, you'll be able to feel the glans fairly distinctly. If the penis is erect, you can't really tell through underwear.

only if the 4 inch penis is erect, any erect penis that releases sperm up a female v**** can and most likely will...

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