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The sun and earth will be lined up with the center of the Milky Way on Dec. 21, 2012. This only happens once every 26,625 years. What happens then is anybody's guess. The sun is due for a pole reversal in 2012. The Mayan calendar's great cycle ends on Dec. 21, 2012. (Coincidentally, the Mayan calendar's great cycles also run for 26,000 years and then it starts over.)

However, many people believe it signifies that that's the day the world will end....because of ancient cultures (aztecs, mayans, hindus) belief of something happening on 12.21.12 (yes it's documented), because of the lining up with the Milky Way, because of the pole reversal on the sun (and even Earth itself), because supposedly there is an asteroid headed towards us (due to be a near miss in 2012).

Fascinating stuff. Just keep in mind that throughout the centuries there has been hundreds if not thousands of end-date predictions and all were obviously....false.

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What happens when carbon dioxide gas is passed through lime water?

it turns milky

What happens when conbon dioxide is passed through water?

When carbon dioxide is passed through lime water it will turn milky.

What happens when carbon dioxide is passed through lime water?

The lime water turns milky.

What happens when you blow through a straw into lime water?

It becomes milky, indicating the presence of Carbondioxide.

What is the name of the galaxy in which the earths resides?

The Milky Way galaxy.

Where is Earths location in the Milky Way?

Earth is located on the outer rim of the milky way- far from the center in one of the arms.

How many earths can fit into the milky way galaxy?

I don't really like milky ways. Reese's cups are better.

Which planet in the Milky Way Galaxy is similar to the planet Earths size?

Venus is closest to earths planet size.

What happens when carbon di oxide passes through lime water?

Carbon dioxide turns lime water milky.

What happens when carbon dioxide is bubbled through limewater?

Forms milky colored CaCO3.And become colorless when bubbled continuosly.CaHCO3 forms.

What happens when carbon dioxide is passed through lime water in small amount?

A slurry of calcium carbonate is formed.

Why burning Coal Oil and Gas is effecting the earths climate?

what is the composition of the milky way

Why does earths position in the milky way galaxy help protect life?

why does earhs position in the milky way galaxy help protect life

What is the name of earths galaxy?

The galaxy that contains Earth and the rest of the Solar system is the Milky Way galaxy.

Will the earths axis be shifted when the sun earth and milky way are aligned?

No. Because such a combination can never exist.

What happens to limewater in the presence of carbon?

it will become milky and chalky

What constellation does The Milky Way Galaxy run through?

All of them. The Milky Way is all around us.

Is your solar system moving through the milky way galaxy?

our solar system sits at the spirals arm of the milky way galexy and is not simply traveling through it.

Which constellation dose the milky way run through?

All of them. The Milky Way is all around us; we are inside it.

What is the earths position in space?

We would be a little spec on earth is your answer! -------------------------- We are in an outer arm (spiral) of the milky way galaxy.

What galaxy contains the earths solar system?

The Milky Way, parts of which we can see from Earth curving around us.

What happens if the earth and sun are under the milky way galaxy?

This cannot happen as we "The Earth and the Solar System" are within the Milky Way Galaxy.

What happens if earth is not in the Milky Way?

IF the earth was not in the milky way then it would have had to develop in a different galaxy, this would potentially mean that the earths sphere would have a dent half its size (half life radioisotopes) and people could not live on it as there would not be enough of an ozone layer to produce enough oxygen for human beings or other living species

In which constellation does milky way belongs to?

The Milky Way stretches through various constellations, so it does not belong to any one of them.

What is the result of the earth's spinning around an invisible axis?

the earths axis is caused by the sun and the center of the milky way that's why

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