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When you exercise, you work your muscles, including your heart. The faster your heart rate gets while exercising, the less it has to work, and the healthier you get. I assume, since your heart beats faster, your blood circulates faster. Basically, if your blood circulates faster, it brings more oxygen to your muscles so they won't tire out. Your circulatory system works the same, just faster.

EDIT: A healthy heart actually beats SLOWER because the body doesn't have to work that hard to circulate the blood throughout the body.

It's harder for people with healthy hearts to get their heart rates up during exercise, on the other hand it's easier for heavier/unhealthy people to get the rate up. This is why heavier people tend to lose weight easier than thin people.

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How well can the circulatory system supply oxygen to working muscles during excises?

how well can the circulatory system supply oxygen to work muscles during exercise

What are the immediate effects of exercise on the circulatory system?

the circulatory system consists on a healthy lifestyle so it is best to exercise regulary

What are the short and long term effects of exercise on the circulatory system?

what are the seven long term effects of exercise on the circulatory system

Why is exercise good for your circulatory system?

Exercise is good for the Circulatory system because it helps clear the veins of harmful plaque.

How does the respiratory system and the circulatory system work together to respond to your body's needs during vigorous exercise?

During a vigerous exercise your cells must create more energy, thus having to use oxygen, the circulatory system must transport this oxygen to other cells to create energy.

How does exercise improve the circulatory system and repiratory system?

When you exercise you are using muscles of the circulatory system and respitory system, and when you use muscles, they get stronger. When muscles of a body system are stronger, the system improves.

How does exercise help your circulatory system?

Exercise is great for the entire body. It helps the circulatory system by increasing circulation. This is important for proper body function.

What happens within the bodys circulatory system during sleeping?

When sleeping the body's circulatory system begins to slow down. It is easier for the blood to circulate throughout the body.

Why is exercise and a healthy diet important to maintaining a strong circulatory system?

Exercise and a healthy diet leads to maintaining a strong circulatory system because people who eat poorly can have clogged circulatory passageways. The circulatory system is also propelled by a system of muscles, therefore exercise may increase the efficiency of overall muscle performance. Exercise also increases heart rate, and makes the heart stronger. Since the heart is one of the main pumps of the circulatory system, a stronger heart would prove to create a stronger circulatory system.

What are the effects of exercise over time in circulatory system?

exercise is when you remove the stress body so you exercise

Why is regular exercise good for the circulatory system?

Regular exercise is good for the circulatory system because it strengthens the heart and lowers blood pressure. The heart is a muscle which grows stronger when exercised.

What happens to the circulatory system after exercise?

it gets 'oiled' as in exercise pumps it around, so after you stop later that day, you stay warmer or less cold on a cold day in the house ect.

What happens to the digestive system during exercise?

Exercise has the potential of impacting all of our body systems including the digestive system. Exercising can increase the efficiency of the digestive system.

How do you keep your circulatory system healthy?

You Have to exercise and diet. Whole grain foods are healty for the Circulatory system and also, foods that are low in fat.By exercising everyday and eating fruits and vegetables.the circulatory system is a system that

What are the effects of exercise on the circulatory system?

Exercise increases the heart rate and thus circulation of oxygen is greatly enhanced. Nutrients and other important minerals are also distributed much better during exercise.

How can you help the circulatory system?

You can help the circulatory system by maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding smoking. Getting regular exercise is also important.

Is possible to get a heart attack without exercising?

You get the heart attack, because of lack of exercise. Exercise keeps your heart and circulatory system, healthy. If your circulatory system is defective, you may get heart attack during sleep also. So many times you wake up in the morning to find that you are dead due to heart attack, that you got during the sleep. :)

What practices are not good for the circulatory system?

Practices like smoking and eating sugary foods are not good for the circulatory system. Practices like living a sedentary lifestyle and avoiding exercise are also not good for the circulatory system.

What happens to the circulatory system when it does not function properly?

your circulatory system does not function the right right way

What are the ways of carring the circulatory system?

The old stand-bys are still the best thing for caring for your circulatory system. And, they still are, a healthy diet and moderate exercise.

What happens to your circulatory system and your respiratory system during exercise?

the circulatory system, the heart rate increases and blood flow increases to the exercising muscles, and lessens to the other parts of the body. Your respiratory system doesn't change except for the amount of air flow. (Addition): When your heart rate increases from anything in general, you tend to breathe heavier and faster depending on the amount of pressure your heart is being put into.

How can you keep circulatory system healthy?

There are many ways to ensure that your circulatory system stays healthy. A diet rich in proteins, fruits, and vegetables, as well as regular exercise are all essential parts in maintaining a healthy circulatory system.

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