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Henry Hudson

What hardships did Henry Hudson face?

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Henry's crew put him in a boat with his teenage son, some crew members who disagreed with disagreeing with Henry, and some food. The crew members set them adrift in the ocean, and they were never seen or heard from again.this answer is fake

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What are some hardships of Henry Hudson?

read a book k?

What hardships did Henry Hudson have?

Henry Hudson and his crew faced physical hardships as they explored unknown areas. His crew turned on him and put Hudson, his teenage son, and the crew members that were loyal to him in a boat with some food, setting them adrift.

Challenges Henry Hudson faced?

henry hudson had to face alot of things

What were some of the challenges that Henry Hudson had to face?

he had to face

Did Henry Hudson face any hardships?

Yes, he did. Himself and his son were set adrift on a boat by his mutinous crew because they wanted to go home and Henry and his son were never seen again.

What hardships did explorer Henry Hudson encounter?

He found the Hudson River (In present day Albany), Hudson Bay (In present day Canada), and Hudson Straits (Which is linked to Hudson Bay).

What hardships did Henry kelsey face?

Henry kelsy faced beatings ,racisim,and hard labour.

What obstacles did Henry Hudson face?

His crew abandoned him

How did Henry Hudson impact history?

becaus he found the henry hudson river and pooped on ur face k bye

What Challenges did Henry Hudson face?

The northern passage did not exist.

What is obstacles did Henry Hudson face?

he got abanded from his ship

Hardships that Henry Hudson encountered?

the encountered of herny huson is that he is a really cool guy :) he is the best at sailing :D

What dangers did Henry Hudson face on his journey?

He faced the Britain solder's.

What problems did Henry Hudson face on his voyages?

He died on histhird voyage.

What dangers did Henry Hudson face on his ship?

He got thrown overboard

What challenges did Henry Hudson have to face?

A Northwest passage for surface ships did not exist.

What problems did Henry Hudson face?

getting his ship in what is now called the Hudson bay and the crew member throw him overboard.

Where did Henry Henry Hudson explore?

Henry Hudson Explored what is now called Hudson Bay and the Hudson River

Who sent Henry Hudson?

Henry Hudson

What was Henry Hudson?

Henry Hudson was an explorer

Did Henry Hudson discover the Hudson bay?

Henry Hudson discovered the Hudson River, and the Hudson Bay!!! :) :)

What did Henry Hudson find?

Henry Hudson found the Hudson river!

When was the Hudson river named after Henry Hudson?

yes! Henry Hudson named the Hudson river

Is the Hudson river named after Henry Hudson?

Yes.The Hudson River is named after Henry Hudson.

When did Henry Hudson reach Hudson bay?

HenRy Hudson reached Hudson bay in 1610

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