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What hardships did the first female hockey players face?


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Lousy ice times, like practices and games after midnight, so we'd have to take a taxi home if we missed the last transit bus, then get up for classes at university the next morning poor, ill-fitting hockey equipment or none at all male "fans" who would make lewd comments not being taken seriously no media or campus coverage or recognition very little support because it was believed that "girls shouldn't play hockey" having some guys poorer than yourself on the school team just because they were male and you were female poor or no coaching no ice cleaning was done between periods teams with huge ranges of talent... you might have a star player, as good as any guy, playing with a linemate who could hardly skate if any trophies were to be had, the team had to buy its own (eg. for team MVP) very few women players, so sometimes you'd have only 2 extra players to rotate in, meaning you'd be playing practically the whole game with no rest few teams to play against getting the message/feeling that we didn't count nothing much to shoot for even if you were a star player In other words, it was REALLY tough, but the fun of playing a game we loved outweighed the hardships and made it worthwhile. Also, it was very gratifying when a player on Canada's Olympic Women's team personally thanked me and the women of my generation for preparing the way for her and the other gals.