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What hardships did the first female hockey players face?

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Lousy ice times, like practices and games after midnight, so we'd have to take a taxi home if we missed the last transit bus, then get up for classes at university the next morning poor, ill-fitting hockey equipment or none at all male "fans" who would make lewd comments not being taken seriously no media or campus coverage or recognition very little support because it was believed that "girls shouldn't play hockey" having some guys poorer than yourself on the school team just because they were male and you were female poor or no coaching no ice cleaning was done between periods teams with huge ranges of talent... you might have a star player, as good as any guy, playing with a linemate who could hardly skate if any trophies were to be had, the team had to buy its own (eg. for team MVP) very few women players, so sometimes you'd have only 2 extra players to rotate in, meaning you'd be playing practically the whole game with no rest few teams to play against getting the message/feeling that we didn't count nothing much to shoot for even if you were a star player In other words, it was REALLY tough, but the fun of playing a game we loved outweighed the hardships and made it worthwhile. Also, it was very gratifying when a player on Canada's Olympic Women's team personally thanked me and the women of my generation for preparing the way for her and the other gals.

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Who invented the hockey stick?

AnswerWe do not know who made the first hockey stick, as hockey in various forms has been played for centuries and the first players did not keep records of their games or equipment.

What year did professional NHL hockey players first participate in olympic hockey 1998 1994 or 2002?


When did women start playing hockey?

the first recorded female hockey game was in 1892 in Barrie, Ontario.

What kind of hockey equipment did NHL players wear when hockey first started?

mostley the stuff hockey players wear today except less protective. They also used wooden sticks [of course] and they didn't wear helmets or mouthgards.

Who invented Carbon Fiber hockey sticks?

Many hockey players today use carbon fiber hockey sticks during their games. The sticks were first invented by Busch.

What was the first ever female baseball players name?

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When did The Olympics allowed National hockey players and the National basketball players to play in the Olympics?

NBA players first Olympics was the 1992 Summer Games in Barcelona and NHL players first Olympics was the 1998 Winter Games in Nagano.

Who was the first female hockey player?

The first female hockey player to play in a NHL game was Manon Rhéaume. She played for the Tampa Bay Lightning in pre-season games against the St. Louis Blues and the Boston Bruins.

What is a 3 star player in hockey?

There is no such thing as a three star player in hockey you are probably referring to the three stars. After each game three players are chosen by media as the first, second and, third stars and they are the players of the game.

What celebrities have a first name starting with S?

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Who are the number 1 male and female table tennis players for 2010?

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Was ice hockey the first type of hockey played?

I believe the first kind of hockey was played on feet, not skates, it was called shinny. They played with some type of wooden block (similar to a puck), or some type of ball. An unlimited amount of people played. The oldest type of hockey is field hockey. There is an ancient Greek frieze depicting two field hockey players at Olympia, Greece.

Sport where players lose teeth?

The sport that is known to have players lose teeth is hockey. When hockey was first created their were no helmets, and people were not aware of the danger of no helmets. Hockey is also known as the sport where fighting is legal until they fall to the ground and during that time you never know when somebody is going to get hit in the mouth.

Where can you buy hershey bears game used hockey equipment that they players wore?

Email email is wrong..

What year were NHL players first allowed to play in the Olympics?

1998 Games in Nagano. The 1998 Games were also the first to hold competition in women's ice hockey.

Who was the first female NHL player?

All NHL players are MALESManon Rhéaume the first and only woman ever to play in a National Hockey League exibition game. As a goalie she was drafted by the Tampa Bay Lightning in 1992, she played for several years in the AHL , she also won a silver medal in the Olympics, with the Canadian Women's Hockey Team. I know she never played in the regular season, but she could have.

When was field hockey first discovered?

When was field hockey first discovered

When was the first hockey stick invented?

The first hockey stick was invented in 1840.

What are some hockey players whos names begin with u?

Uwe Krupp- as a first name Igor Ulanov, R.J. Umberger,- as last name

Who was the first Women referee Semipro National Hockey League?

Heather McDaniel became the first female to referee men's professional hockey when she worked her first game under contract with the Central Hockey League on October 21, 1995.

When was hockey first played on ice?

the first ice hockey match was played in 1872.

What was Quebec's first hockey team?

The Quebec Nordiques was Quebec's first hockey team

What hardships did the first settlers encounter?

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