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Q: What harm does inhaling rubbing alcohol cause?
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You cannot stop inhaling rubbing alcohol you crave it all the time what is wrong with me?

You have an addiction. I would talk to your health care professional if I were you. Inhaling alcohol and other things with strong fumes will harm you and too much can kill you.

Can snifffing rubbing alcohol harm you?

Yes, it is not recommended.

Will rubbing alcohol remove nail polish from nails?

most likely what you should do is try it and fnd out rubbing alcohol will do no harm to your nails

Will a massage with rubbing alcohol harm the baby?

No it will not reach the baby if that is what you are afraid of.

Is rubbing alcohol harmful diluted in water and to be used as glass cleaner?

it is not strong enough to harm

You had 5 puffs of a incent stick can it harm you?

Inhaling any smoke can cause harm due to the fragments of ash and other chemicles that are in the smoke. The fragments can remain in the lungs and over time cause diseases.

Is inhaling vegetable based glycerin bad for you?

I don't how you can inhale it - it's a thick, sticky substance. If you're putting it in a bowl of hot water and inhaling the steam vapor from that, it will cause you no harm.

Can alcohol cause harm to a baby in the first month?


Could you use rubbing alcohol for fever?

In many places in the world, alcohol is used to lower down the fever. There seems to be no harm in this traditional method of lowering the fever.

Will hurt you if you accidentally get rubbing alcohol in your needle and inject it will it hurt you?

I wouldn't worry about it. The rubbing alcohol will just go through your bloodstream, and eventually leave. It shouldn't seriously harm you in any way. For example, before nurse's inject needles/vaccines into your bloodstream, notice how they always put rubbing alcohol on your skin to protect against infection? That absorbs into your skin like a sponge, and it doesn't harm you! Surely it's nothing you would have to call poison control about.

Can inhaling pipe tobacco harm you?

Yes it can

Can inhaling concrete dust harm you?


Alcohol does mental and physical harm to a prenatal child and therefore it is referred to as a?

Drinking alcohol when pregnant can cause harm to the unborn fetus and is therefore classed as a poison during pregnancy. The alcohol can cause the fetus to be deprived of oxygen and nutrition; it could also cause fetal alcohol syndrome after birth, which can lead to mental and physical deformities.

Does smoking paper without inhaling harm you?

no, as long as you dont inhale , no harm will be done

Does witch hazel harm your hair?

it is organic rubbing alcohol so its not the best for your hair but you can use it to treat dry scalp and your hair will be fine.

Does smoking cause harm from rectal cancer?

Avoiding cigarettes and alcohol may be helpful

Can alcohol harm an unborn baby?

Yes, alcohol can harm an unborn baby.

Can you die from smoking money?

it would most liklely cause harm considering it is made from paper and plastic. inhaling smoke is harmful. not to mention where that money has been...

Can inhaling human poop harm you?

Yes, human feces should not be inhaled into the lungs. It could cause a nasty infection resulting in destruction of lung tissue.

Can inhaling a fart harm health?

very funny question unless its a skunk no

Does inhaling antifreeze fumes cause harm?

yes ! very much so it is a mixture of chemicals and it can cause dizziness or worse, more permanent effects. it is some times used as an inhalant, witch is a type of drug and is very bad for you. try to avoid anti-freeze as much as you can. there has been deaths reported about inhaling anti-freeze.

Does smoking weed harm your lungs?

Yes, smoking weed does harm your lungs. It's not as bad as cigarettes, but since you are inhaling a hot substance, it can harm your lungs over time.

Is it okay to be around smoke if you are pregnant?

No it is not ok. the smoke you are inhaling can still harm the baby.

Can you drink alcohol while taking Ofloxacin?

Alcohol should never be mixed with medication of any kind. The alcohol will slow the body down and many medications will react adversely with this to cause harm to the body.

Can getting your hair died while pregnant harm the baby?

It may do some damage to the aren't supposed to be inhaling fumes like hair color or nail polish...alcohol..or any kind of strong paint.

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