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The answer is: a garbage truck!
The joke is 'What has wheels and flies'.
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Is there a 4 wheel drive Corvette?

Answer . Chevrolet has never built a 4wd Corvette at the factory. But there have been some Corvette's that have been modified to 4wd.

Are 3000GT's 4-wheel drive?

Some are.. The 3000Gt VR-4 is the one that has the twin turbo All weel drive. The SL has leather and front weel drive. The bast has front wheel drive. go to www.cardomain.com to see some tricked out 3000GT's

Why were the adult flies removed from the virals at weeks2 and 4?

the adult flies were removed during weeks 2 and 4 so that they weren't accidentally counted as the offspring(when counting how many offsping of each phenotype there are). If they were accidentally counted as the offspring, the data would be biased.

Do 4 wheels spin on all wheel drive?

It depends on the torque distribution, the power of the car, and how many revs you give the start. A big, off-road 4x4 will have about a 40/60 front/rear torque distribution, meaning that with enough revs, yes, they will all spin. But a sportier 4x4 system, such as a Subaru Impreza, the distribution ( Full Answer )

Lord of the flies chapter 4 describe the activities of the littleuns?

they are followers and go along with whomever is the more powerful leader (not because the leader is smarter but who has a threat against them if they don't follow them). so they follow Jack eventually because he will beat them otherwise and he lures them in with terrifying songs,bonfires, and meat. ( Full Answer )

What is a 4 wheel bike called?

A pedalcar or a QuaDbike...but that's more a motorbike (combustion engine, and not pedal powered)

Does a semi have 4 wheel drive?

No, semi-trucks are rear drive only. However, technically becausethe rear wheels typically have two axles you could make an argumentthat 4 sets of tires are driving the vehicle. And if those rearwheels are duallies, which they usually are, it would actually be 8wheel drive. :) There are some semi t ( Full Answer )

When to use 4 wheel drive?

\nI drive a GMC Jimmy, and the 4 wheel is a real life-saver in the winter, just like now for instance.

Why is there 4 wheels on a car?

2 wheels you can tip over easily, 3 wheels are unstable in turns, any more than 4 wheels increase drag and therefore decrease fuel economy.

Where is fuse for 4 wheel drive?

Please check the owners manual or contact a mechanic/the manufacturer to find out which of the fuses you should pull. If it is broken you can try removing one at a time to check if its broken.

In chapter 4 of Lord of the Flies which littlun cries frequently?

To quote directly from the book... The littlun Percival had early crawled into a shelter and stayed there for two days, talking, singing, and crying, till they thought him batty and were faintly amused. Ever since then he had been peaked, red-eyed, and miserable, a litttlun who played little and cri ( Full Answer )

Can you change a 2 wheel drive to a 4 wheel drive?

It Depends on what type of vehicle you are working with. Some older chevrolets use the same frames and it could be done. The Ford series it is not recommended because the frames on 2wd are not near as strong. did this on my 1985 Dodge D300, now it is 4x4. it took a while but, was WELL worth t ( Full Answer )

Are 3 wheels better then 4?

It doesn't matter if you have 3 or 4 wheels. Until you turn without the stability on 3 it is a wheelie wild ride not as safe as 4

What is 4 wheel drive high?

Commonly, vehicles with four-wheel drive have two ranges: high and low. Low range is better for towing or accelerating quickly, but with limited top speed. High range is the opposite (better for highway driving, around town, etc.)

How can you turn a 2 wheel drive into a 4 wheel drive?

By selling it and buying a four wheel drive, it will be a lot cheaper, and if you have to ask you do not have the skill to even give it a try. I don't know many if any people with the skill who would even do this.

How do you get your Jeep out of 4 Wheel drive?

Depends on what year it is and whether it's straight drive. On my 'straight drive '81 you start with the regular shift lever (the one you shift when driving) in 1st gear and give the vehicle a little gas while trying to move the the transfer case shift lever (the other stick) out of 4 wheel drive an ( Full Answer )

What is revealed about Roger in chapter 4 of Lord of the Flies?

Roger trampled through a sand structure which was being played with by three littluns. Roger didn't do it accidentally, he did it deliberately. A little later Roger threw stones at the littlun called Henry. Roger seemingly wanted to actually hit the small boy and cause him pain but was subconsciousl ( Full Answer )

Lord of the Flies chapter 4 - why did Jack let the fire out?

Jack had two over riding obsessions in Lord of the Flies. Jack wanted to be leader and he also wanted to hunt (and kill) pigs. Jack had devised a new strategy which involved having his hunters form a circle into which a pig could be driven and beaten to death. In order to put his plan into action Ja ( Full Answer )

How does the 4 wheel drive work?

The engine turns the transmission which then turns the transfer case which then provides power to all 4 wheels

In chapter 4 of Lord of the Flies who cries and why?

In chapter 4 of Lord of the Flies, Percival, a littlun cries after Maurice flings sand in his eyes, and then cries again when Johnny, another littlun does the same after seeing how it had upset him.

A summary of lord of the flies chapter 4?

The beginning of chapter four details the events of life as a littlun. Percival, Johnny, and Henry, three littluns who suffer from unknown terror during the night but play happily during the day, are on the beach, near the ocean water, engaged in their usual trivialities. Soon Roger and Maurice, two ( Full Answer )

How do you get your car out of 4 wheel drive?

If you have a 4-wheel drive car it shouldn't be in 4-wheel drive but if you accidentally or knock it into 4-wheel drive you have a gear leaver like item at the side of your actual gear stick. It will be vibrating a bit but that's perfectly normal. If your 4-wheel stick is up then its in 4-wheel driv ( Full Answer )

Why does car has 4 wheels?

Not all cars do! There are a number of vehicles that only have 3 wheels (The famous Reliant Robin that Del Boy drove around springs to mind)

Is 4 wheel drive the same as 4 wheel abs?

No. 4WD means the engine delivers power to all four wheels. ABS is automatic braking system, meaning the brakes will not 'lock up' in a panic stop. ABS = Antilock Brake System

Why is it hard to get in and out of 4 wheel drive?

Because most 4 wheel drive vehicles are higher off the ground. A 4 wheel drive vehicle needs more ground clearance to keep anything on the underside from hanging up on rocks, roots, etc when driving off road. (4 Wheel drive is not needed for normal driving on standard roadways.)

Are 4 wheel drive and all wheel drive the same?

Yes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- No , all wheel drive has power going to all 4 wheels all the time . MY 4x4 has power going to the rear wheels and if the rear wheels slip power also starts going to the front wheels ( unless I have 4x4 L ( Full Answer )

When did 4 wheel driving start?

Out of the known car companies, Dodge was the first to start 4 wheel drive in 1934 with their trucks.

How do you get into 4 wheel drive?

While stopped, and in park or neutral, move the 4wd selector to the desired 4wd mode, put car in drive or 1st gear and drive.

How do you tell if you have 4 wheel drive?

Look around the cabin if you do not see a switch for 2w to 4w you probably don't have 4 wheel drive a for certain way is to look under the vehicle if you have a transfer case under there then you have 4 wheel (transfer case is after transmission and gives power to front and back wheels)

What does the actuator on a 4 wheel drive do?

The actuator on a 4-wheel drive allows the vehicle to shift into4-wheel drive with the push of a button or a shift of a lever. Theactuator allows the front axle to become engaged.

How do you fully take out of 4 wheel?

In a Chevy Blazer I used to own, all you had to do was push the button from "HI" to "low" and you didn't even need to put it in neutral or stop the SUV. LOW is ONLY when you are about to tow a car or truck (Something REALLY HEAVY) up a hill. It's like the old "Bulldog" gears in old delivery trucks a ( Full Answer )

When mud flies off a wheel does it go in a circular motion?

As soon as it leaves the wheel it will travel in a straight line if there are no other forces acting on it. But gravity is a force that will act on it, so it will probably move in some sort of curved trajectory until it hits the deck.

What happens in Chapter 4 of 'Lord of the Flies'?

The chapter begins with Henry and two other littluns playing together on the beach, the other two drift away leaving Henry alone. Roger watches from behind a palm tree and starts to throw stones close to Henry. Maurice turns up and Roger goes with him to the jungle where Jack is applying paint to hi ( Full Answer )

What does 4- wheel drive mean?

It means the transmission is connected to all 4 wheels. In regular vehicles it is only connected to 2 wheels.

Why does Tripp luggage have 4 wheels?

Not all Tripp luggage has four wheels however, some have four presumably to cater for a wider travelling customer need

What is 4 wheel drive SUV?

It is a sport utility vehicle where all 4 wheels are driven by the engine.

What types of vehicles have 4 wheels?

Vehicles with four wheels are cars, buses and most carriages. Some smaller trucks also have four wheels. There are bicycles as well as motorcycles with four wheels, but the vast majority of these vehicles are only two-wheeled.