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What has 9 legs?

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Three tripods

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Wait a minute your math homework asks you a question saying a spider lost 9 legs how do you deal with that?

the answer is that he now has -1 legs, cuse it would be: 8 legs - 9 legs= -1 legs u need to know how to subtract #s like that

How many legs does 9 spiders have?

Uh... do the maths! 9x8= 72 legs 72 legs.. yuck.... lol x

How many legs do mosquitoes have?

Six. It is an insect. All (most?) insects have six legs.A mosquito has six legs

How many legs on 9 beetles?

6. every insect, for that matter, has 6 legs.

What insect has 9 legs?

non non

If the legs of a right triangle have measures of 9 and 12 what is the length of the hypotenuse?

If the legs of a right triangle have measures of 9 and 12, the hypotenuse is: 15

How tall is a black bear on hind legs?

It is 9 feet tall on it's hind legs

What would a 9 inseam be?

Shorts with the legs 9" long on the inside measurement.

How many legs are on a pair of crab legs?

It has 9 or 8 legs if you saing red but the orange are 10-12 have fun<3<3

How tall are giraffes legs?

A giraffes legs are normally a story high which is 8-9 feet high.

What insect has 9 legs but cant walk?

a dragonfly

What has 18 legs and catches flies?

9 frogs!

What has 3 toes a glass body and 9 legs?


Hypotenuse if legs are 40 and 9?

41 units.

What animal has a 9 legs?

termite, maybe

A 45-45-90 triangle has a hypotenuse length of 9 what is the length of one of its legs?

9 The other two legs are 6.364 to the nearest thousandth

What is the hypotenuse of a right triangle with legs of lengths 9 and 9?

Using Pythagoras it is 9 times the square root of 2

Do spiders see in color?

yes only if the have 9 legs

Icd-9 codes for skin lesions on legs?

The ICD-9 code for skin lesions on legs is 709.9. These codes are used to indicate conditions and diseases in medical billing.

How many legs do woodlice have?

They have 14 legs,2 anteneas and 9 body parts!!!Hope you got the info you were looking for!

How long do tadpoles take to grow legs?

i heard that it takes 8 weeks to 9 weeks to have their back legs folly grown

A small factory makes three-legged stools and four-legged tables Last month this factory used 100 legs to build 3 more stools than tables How many stools did the factory make?

there are 3 more stools than tables, so that takes 9 legs out of the 100 total (3 stools * 3 legs=9). There are 91 legs remaining. divide 91 legs by 7 (4 legs for tables and 3 legs for stools = 7 legs). 91 legs / 7 =13. there are 13 tables and 16 stools.

What does a spider have?

They have 8 legs, about 4-9 eyes and 1 jaw.

Which 9 letter word means having 100 legs?


What Sea animal has 9 legs and looks like a starfish?


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