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Israeli Intelligence has learned that Hannah Kreisling, Anna's mother was a Baltic German from Estonia. They lived on the coast right across from Finland. In 1916 she went to Germany and cared for the wounded as a Nurse. In October of 1918 she cared for a German soldier who had been blinded by gas. His name was Adolf Hitler. Hannah saw Hitler through to a full recovery and she twice prevented him from taking his life because of despair and emotional trauma. Hitler and Hannah both loved Germany and became members of the Thule organization.
On January 10,1920 Hannah gave birth to ANNA Kreisling in Berlin. Hitler and Rudolf Hess were present when Anna was born.
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What mossad stands for?

"Mossad" is the Hebrew word for "institue". The name "Mossad" is an abbreviation of the organization's full Hebrew name - "Hammossad LeModi'in VeleTafkidim Meyuchadim", meaning "The Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations".

Where is mossad?

Mossad is Israel's intelligence agency comparative to the C.I.A. There are based in Israel and their operations are mainly in the Middle East.

You would like to be trained by mossad and what are the procedures of joining mossad?

Mossad is the Israeli secret service, that is similar to the CIA or any other country's secret service. To join the Mossad, you need to be an Israeli citizen. Someone who is extremely fit, talented etc. They have stringent selection mechanisms and training is only provided to the shortlisted/selecte ( Full Answer )

Who was Flugakapitan Anna Kreisling?

Anna Kreisling was the second most famous Luftwaffe Lady pilot in World War II!! She was also Heinrich Himmler's favorite KNIGHT of the Round Table at Wewelsburg Castle. This of course was kept secret along with the way that Heinrich Himmler saved her life in the Black Forest in 1927. Anna Kreis ( Full Answer )

Why was Stalin afraid of The White Wolf Anna Kreisling?

Joseph Stalin was a paranoid drug addict who murdered 55 million Russians before World War II began. He knew the only person in the world who could destroy him was Adolf Hitler. SS Reichsfurher Heinrich Himmler was given the task of gaurding Hitler and destroying all who sought his death. Stalin kne ( Full Answer )

Who captured Anna Kreisling?

In 1945 Anna Kreisling, The White Wolf of the Luftwaffe, was testing a Horten V-9 flying wing which showed promise of becoming an attack bomber for the Luftwaffe! She was operating from the Autobahn highway high up in the mountains to avoid American P-51 Mustang fighters. American tank crews drivi ( Full Answer )

Why did Heinrich Himmler believe Anna Kreisling was of pure Aryan Blood?

Heinrich Himmler Lord of the SS believed that 20,000 years ago Tibet was visited from Outer Space by Blonde Blue-eyed Aryans. Many statues and carvings in Tibet confirm this. The Viking Runes found in Tibet match those in Norway and Scandinavia. In 1927 Heinrich Himmler saved Anna Kreisling in the B ( Full Answer )

Who was Anna Kreisling?

Anna Kreisling, first named as a purported female German pilot of World War II, is almost certainly fictional. Her exploits appear to be figments of an overactive imagination. Many of the questions about her were asked and answered by the same site guest.

When did the Americans first know about Anna Kreisling?

The New York Times first noticed a stunning girl in a black SS uniform to the left of Adolf Hitler at the 1936 Berlin Olympics. Hitler many times surrounded himself with lady admirers, but this was different. She was on a platform that included Heinrich Himmler, to her right. Rudolf Hess and also Ev ( Full Answer )

Why was Anna Kreisling pouring coffee for the American Army?

Anna Kreisling was captured by three Sherman tanks from Gen. Pattons army. She had just landed a Horten V-9 on a test flight. When she saw the tanks in front of her she calmly opened up the cockpit canopy and stood up. As three American solders from the Sherman tanks walked up, they gazed in amazeme ( Full Answer )

Did Anna Kreisling rescue Bill Clinton?

In 1997 President Bill Clinton was visiting Bahrain with over 27 members of Congress. Unknown to the Secret Service across from the hotel where President Bill Clinton was staying a beautiful Iranian terrorist ASHERKAUN was bathing nude on the roof in her private Jacuzi. Without telling anyone Bill p ( Full Answer )

Why did Hitler want Anna Kreisling to join KG-200?

After Stalingrad, Anna Kreisling had proven herself both to Himmler and Goering. Adolf Hitler knew their was much tension between Himmler and Goering. He needed an officer who had to respect of both Men. Also to win the war KG-200 would be given more duties to be performed within the NAZI NUCLEAR Bo ( Full Answer )

Is Anna Kreisling The White Wolf of the Luftwaffe Gay?

Anna Kreisling, The White Wolf of the Luftwaffe was born on June 10, 1910 in Berlin Germany. As a young girl she did enjoy kissing Santa Claus and other girls also. When she was 26 years old the NEW YORK TIMES took a picture of her on stage at the Berlin Olympics! Anna Kreisling has never considered ( Full Answer )

Why did Adolf Hitler admire Anna Kreisling?

ANNA KREISLING was born in Berlin on January 10,1920. Hitler was introduced to her in 1927 by Heinrich Himmler who spoke highly of her. Hitler knew that Heinrich had rescued her from certain death in the Black Forest. Why? He could only guess that there was a reason for her at this time in history t ( Full Answer )

Why was Anna Kreisling sent to Tibet by Hitler in 1937?

From what I understand, something GRAND was planned, oops, that"s a parody of a dirty song. well She was an intelligence operative for Waffen-SS The mission was in part aimed at possible historical ( rather like Von Daniken) artifacts, coded tablets ( which were made semi-official in the following y ( Full Answer )

Why is President Obama banning all information about Anna Kreisling?

Anna Kreisling for many decades has worked for the CIA and the Lockheed Skunk Works developing advanced Recon aircraft. She and her name have been listed as TOP SECRET since 1946 when the OSS brought her to the United States. Recently President Obama has been trying to pass information about Anna Kr ( Full Answer )

Does a picture exist of Anna Kreisling?

Yes! Just go and look at the Austraillian flying magazine PACIFICFLYER, June 2001 edition, page 23 upper right hand corner. A greatpicture of Anna Kreisling smiling. Also look closely at the JunkersJU-390 flown by KG-200. In this picture you will notice four Men inpilots outfits, but a woman in a fl ( Full Answer )

Why is Obama afraid of the White Wolf Anna Kreisling?

Anna Kreisling is married to one of the wealthiest men in the world. They are both friends of Bill Clinton and consider him to be the last great President of the United States of America. Obama is jealous of Bill Clinton and hates people who will not contribute to his Billion dollar Presidential Cam ( Full Answer )

Did Bill Clinton ever rescue Anna Kreisling?

On Christmas Day in 2009 Bill Clinton was at the Air and Space Museum in Washington D.C. enjoying some Peach Pie with five gorgeous black honeys. "Say, why do white folks like to stare at airplanes?" said Bambi. At that moment Bill saw Anna Chapman, a Soviet KGB agent enter the room! She had Five hu ( Full Answer )

Why did Martin Bormann order Anna Kreisling to Berlin?

Martin Bormann signed many agreements with the OSS and British MI6 Intelligence. In April 1945 Albert Speer wrote about a Junkers JU-390 that flew to Tokyo and stayed there, but SS Flugakapitan Anna Kreisling flying back to Germany on a different one. One of her first orders upon arriving back was d ( Full Answer )

Did Willie Nelson and Bill Clinton rescue Anna Kreisling?

In 2010 at the Munich Octoberfest Willie Nelson bought some grass from Anna Chapman a secret KGB Agent from Moscow. Back in his room he lit up and nearly died from Diareah and Vomiting! The grass had been sprayed with Persian Deoderant designed to kill cockroaches and rats! Very mad Willie called up ( Full Answer )

Why is Anna Kreisling called a Blonde Bombshell?

Anna Kreisling was gorgeous beyond belief according to Leni Reifenstahl, and Leni was one of the most beautiful women in Germany. Anna stood five feet eight inches tall, very tan and athletic, frost blonde hair that came down past her shoulders, crystal ice blue eyes. This is why she was called the ( Full Answer )

Did Captain America save Anna Kreisling The White Wolf?

Yes, in 1997 Bill Clinton was in Bahrain with 37 U.S. Congressmen having a big wild party. Bill slipped away and from his balcony he saw a beautiful nude Persian girl splashing in a Hot Tub on the balcony next door. He quickly put on his swimming trunks to go and rescue the girl, when suddenly he wa ( Full Answer )

Did Jay Leno rescue Anna Kreisling from Obama?

On July 10, 2010, Jay Leno was driving his Shelby Cobra in Hollywood when he suddenly saw a beautiful blonde changing a tire on her MGB. She was by herself and Jay knew just how hard it was to change a tire on the MG, so he stopped. Suddenly a motorcycle gang came roaring down the street led by Ob ( Full Answer )

Did Anna Kreisling rescue Joe Biden?

On February 14, 2011 Anna Kreisling was attending a dinner party in Washington D.C. to honor France. At the party she met Joe Biden and Jimmy Carter and they seemed drugged with their eyes in a daze. They also repeated the same thing over and over, "Obama is the nicest, most kindest guy, he is reall ( Full Answer )

Does Anna Kreisling exist why no pictures?

Anna Kreisling is married to one of the wealthiest men in the world. They are both friends of Bill Clinton and consider him to be the last great President of the United States of America. Obama is jealous of Bill Clinton and hates people who will not contribute to his Billion dollar Presidential Cam ( Full Answer )

Why did the Emperor of Japan call Anna Kreisling the reincarnation of the Shinto Goddess?

Anna Kreisling was sent by Adolf Hitler and Heinrich Himmler to Japan in January of 1945. She was the special envoy of Himmler to deliver the secrets of the Atomic Bomb to Japan, along with the plans for the Junkers JU-390 Bomber. When she arrived Japan was in a deep crisis about what to do in the ( Full Answer )

Why did mossad want gibbs dead?

Because he wanted to kill Ari Haswari an under cover Mossad Agent who had infiltrated Hamas terrorist cells. Ari had killed Agent Kate Todd and hence gibbs wanted revenge

Did Anna Kreisling train pilots in the Royal Saudi Air Force?

In 1974 Anna Kreisling worked closely with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to help train their fighter Squadrons and also their C-130 Transport Squadrons. Anna has a wonderful opinion of Arab Culture which she admires. Also another fact is well known is that she has also worked with the Pakistani Air Fo ( Full Answer )

Does Anna Kreisling own and drive an MGB?

Yes! Even though it is a classic British Sports Car. Anna Kreisling like Adolf Hitler has a love for cars. Hitler's favorite car was a 1938 Mercedes Convertible. He loved to drive through Paris with the top down to truly experience the city. Anna loves cars also and the MGB that she owns is often us ( Full Answer )

Does Mossad really exist?

If you mean Mossad as in the Israeli "Institute for Intelligence and Special Operations" then yes it does exist.

Why was Joseph Stalin so concerned about Anna Kreisling?

Stalin the Leader of the Soviet Union knew that Heinrich Himmler The Lord of the SS was given the responcibility of guarding Adolf Hitler. Stalin also knew that Hitler wanted his dead because of his murderous Genocide of 55 Million Russians before World War II began. In 1943 Stalin learned that KG-2 ( Full Answer )

Where is it possible to learn about Mossad?

Mossad has its own personal website you can visit to get educated on their history and general activities. You can also try visiting major news networks and looking for articles using the keyword Mossad.

Did Anna Kreisling rescue Field Marshall Rommel?

Yes, on June 14th, 1943 Anna Kreisling received orders from AdolfHitler that Rommel was to be brought to Berlin to advise theFuerher. Rommel at this time was surrounded in North Africa and thechances of him being captured by the British were very likely. Annaimmediately flew to Rome looking for a su ( Full Answer )

Why did Heinrich Himmler raise Anna Kreisling?

Hannah Kreisling lived in the land of Estonia. She was a BalticGerman. Estonia is right across the water from Finland. In 1916Hannah came to Germany and worked as a Nurse. In 1918 she cared fora soldier who had been blinded by a Mustard Gas attack, his namewas Adolf Hitler. Both Hannah and Adolf Hit ( Full Answer )

Did Anna Kreisling save Mel Brooks in Las Vegas?

Yes!! In 2010 Mel Brooks was opening a show in Las Vegascalled," Springtime for Obama!" In this show President Bush andObama would be telling jokes and talk about their adventures inIraq and Afghanistan. The show was very depressing and pathetic.George W. Bush could not remember how the jokes went, ( Full Answer )

Why does President Obama now support Anna Kreisling?

For the last three years Anna Kreisling has urged President Obamato support the people in Syria and back the Rebels who are tryingto overthrow Assad. Russia and IRAN both support Assad and theyhave supplied SARIN and other Lethal Chemical Weapons to Assad.Anna Kreisling has led the airlift of suppli ( Full Answer )

Why does Bill Clinton have Anna Kreisling as his personal Pilot?

Bill Clinton first met Anna Kreisling in 1988. He was veryimpressed with her husband and her. He made it clear that he wasgoing to run for President and he wanted their support. Anna wasone of the top pilots in the world and she agreed to fly BillClinton anywhere he wanted to go as long as he kept h ( Full Answer )

Has President Obama talked with Anna Kreisling about Health Care?

On October 10th 2013 President Obama summoned Anna Kreisling tocome to the White House to discuss OBAMACARE and Syria. She arrivedwith Bill Clinton and they discussed many things for four hours.Robert Gibbs who took notes of the meeting said that this is whatAnna Kreisling suggested. . 1. All Ameri ( Full Answer )

Why does Kate Upton admire Anna Kreisling?

Kate Upton like Anna Kreisling has Gorgeous 38D knockers! Kate isimpressed with the way Anna cares for animals and her expertise inflying! Both Kate and Britney Spears have visited AREA 51!

What is Bill Clinton doing in New Zealand with Anna Kreisling?

On January 19th, 2015, Anna Kreisling flew west from California inher Junkers JU-390 aircraft and flew to New Zealand. Aboard heraircraft, very nicely stored is her personal Tiger Moth Biplane. New Zealand is a land of unsurpassed beauty and splendor. The NewZealand Tiger Moth Club has over 150 Tige ( Full Answer )

Did President Roosevelt tell SUPERMAN in 1937 to capture Anna Kreisling?

Yes! On February 22nd, 1943, President Roosevelt met with SUPERMANat the White House and told him what was going on at WewelsbergCastle owned by the SS and Heinrich Himmler. President Rooseveltwanted SUPERMAN to fly to Germany and capture Anna Kreisling!! WhenSUPERMAN arrived he learned that Anna Kr ( Full Answer )

Does Kate Upton have a Stainless Steel Bra like the one Anna Kreisling has?

While Kate has gorgeous 38D breasts that are a wonder to behold,she does not have a Stainless Steel Bra. Anna Kreisling was made aspecial Stainless Steel Bra by Albert Speer so that when she flewover New York in 1943, she would survive bailing out of the JunkersJU-390. Over New York she knew that sh ( Full Answer )

Why is Barbra Streisand friends with Anna Kreisling?

Barbra Streisand and Anna Kreisling were in a fist fight in anelevator with Bill Clinton! Barbra did not know that she was BillClinton's Personal Pilot, so she threw the first punch! AnnaKreisling broke her nose, which actually helped straighten it!After this fight the two women became fast friends ( Full Answer )

What does Senator Harry Reid do at AREA 51 with Anna Kreisling?

Senator Harry Reid has been eaten three times by the GiantTarrantula named FRED at AREA 51. Each time they rebuilt him usinghis DNA. They made him stronger, faster, and less afraid aboutbeing eaten alive by GIANT SPIDERS! Now FRED is his best friend andtogether they help keep AREA 51 safe from Russi ( Full Answer )