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Needle 'Nose' Pliers have a nose but cannot smell.

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what has nose but cant smell
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what has no ears but can hear
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A glass of wine

Pointed pliers

The front of anything

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Q: What has a nose but can't smell?
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Why cant whales smell?

They don't have a nose.

What does the nose do?

it helps you smell, breath, and taste (when you plug your nose you cant taste any flavors that well)

When your sick why cant you taste or smell the food you eat?

You're nose can get clogged with mucus, and smell is directly correlated with taste. If your nose is not clogged, but you cannot smell or taste, go to a doctor... Now

Why cant you taste when i hold my nose?

Because a lot of taste strangely comes from smell

How can my feet smell if they don't have a nose?

They can smell if they do have a nose, my feet have a nose so they smell.

Does your nose smell what you want it to smell?

No because were ever you go there are diffrent smells because if you want to smell cake you cant smell unless you go up to a cake

Why I can't smell or taste when I have a cold?

You cant smell due to all of the snot in your nose, which, in turn, keeps you from being able to taste, not sure why or how that works, but not being able to smell means you cant taste either

Does this smell like chloroform?

*wheeze, thud* cant tell i have a stuffy nose Is it the new odourless chloroform?

Why do you smell a bad smell in your nose?

you can smell a bad smell in your nose is because, when you inhale, your nose takes your ,"smellings" into the nose to something that takes the materials and sends a signal to your brain, which makes a bad scent

Do dogs smell with their teeth?

No. Dogs Smell with their nose just like everything else that has a nose. Their noses are a lot more sensitive than human noses so they can pick up smells that we cant. Dogs do not however have any way to smell with their teeth.

What do you smell with?

Your nose

How does smell get identified?

cause we can smell and we have a nose

How do you smell chocolate?

you smell it through your nose

Why is a nose called a nose when the nose knows nothing?

because they nose how to smell

Why can you not smell but breath through your nose?

this is a trick question you can smell thru your nose and breath thru it

Why does food taste better when it can be smelled?

Because if you have a blocked nose cant taste da food and if you dont have a blocked if taste without smell tastelike different if dont smell.

Why do you smell things?

Well, you smell things because you have a nose. Your mom and dad produced your nose so you can smell delicious, and somewhat nasty things. The little hairs in your nose help you smell also. Well, that's about it. and remember, ALWAYS keep your nose clean so you can smell!

What is the organ of smell?

Your nose.

How do you smell perfumes?

with your nose

Can jellyfish smell?

they can not they do not have a nose

Where boys smell?


What do you use to smell?

your nose

How do stingrays smell?

they have a nose

Why do moles have a nose?

to smell

What is the receptor for smell?