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What has been your most significant achievement?

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There are many achievements that people could consider to be their most significant. Getting married or graduating college are two such achievements.

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What was Eisenhower's most significant legislative achievement?

Dwight D. Eisenhower's most significant legislative achievement was The Highway Act of 1956.

Describe your most significant achievement in your current position?

Describe your most significant professional achievement and your reasons for viewing it as such. (Limit to 300 words). *

What is significant achievement?

I think getting more money and more knowledge is significant achievement to me

What do you regard as the significant achievement in your life?

In my, life I regard the most significant achievement as my two sons. Nothing is more important to me. Besides them, education, buying a home, and developing career were very significant to myself personally.

What do you consider your most significant achievement in the last 4 years?

Graduating college.

What was Rome's most significant achievement during the Republic?

Rome's most significant achievement during the Republic was its expansion into an empire. No, the "Roman Empire" did not start with Augustus. Rome had been an empire for centuries before Actium. Spain, Sicily, Greece, Africa, and others, were all provinces under the Republic, not to mention Italy itself.

What was the most significant achievement of piankhi's rule?

Piankhi's rule in Egypt was too brief to achieve much; immediately after his withdrawal Tefnakhte reestablished his rule of Lower Egypt. His most significant achievement was to to achieve much after his withdrawal with Tefnakhte.

Australian inland explorer William Lawson's most significant achievement?

William Lawson's most significant achievement was being one of the first to cross the Blue Mountains, along with Blaxland and Wentworth. This crossing was significant for it enabled the settlement of New South Wales to expand beyond Sydney.

What developments have been most significant for processor?

What developments have been most significant to the processor and why?

How do you answer what is your most significant career achievement?

Being able to juggle payments for creditors within a company that had no money.

What is your most outstanding nonacademic achievement highlight your approach to any significant difficulties faced in meeting your objectives?


What do you consider to be the most significant achievement of your career to date and why?

There are many things that can be a significant career achievement., such as obtaining a position with a well-known company and managing teams sufficiently. Placing an emphasis on the achievements that pertain to the specific job being applied to would be best.

What significant achievement did Hliary Diane Rodham have?


What engineering technique did de la Vega describe Why was this a significant achievement?

Civic engineering technique was described by De La Vega and it was a significant achievement as it fulfilled its goals

Define academic achievement?

Academic achievement is something that is significant in your education or studies. Something like graduating with honors or a certificate of achievement in a bachelor's program.

Significant achievement secretary?

When applying for a job as a secretary you may be asked to talk about a significant achievement. This could be a time that you have worked well under pressure or a time you have gone beyond what was expected.

What was Theodore Roosevelt's most important accomplishment as president?

Conservation of natural resources was one of his passions and perhaps the most significant achievement of his presidency. Got the answer stright out of the book.

What is the most significant achievement Charlemagne made?

It is his work on money, as his system is what the English penny was based on... His money stopped inflation within Constantinople...

What was the significant legislative achievement of Eisenhower years?

The highway act of 1956

What do you feel are your most significant accomplishments on the job?

My most significant accomplishment has been getting the files in order. They used to be quite a mess.

What is your most significant achievement so far?

To be able to control my addiction as well as managing it well. And to be able to know my self more than before.

What was the Phoenicians' most significant achievement?

The development of an alphabet in which letter stood four sounds a way to remember this is Phoenicians= phonics easy right?

What was Einstein's most famous achievement?

the most famous achievement was mass energy equivalence.

The most significant confucian art form has been?


What has been your greatest achievement to date?

What is your greatest achievement to date and why do you regard it as such