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There are a number of different reasons premiums for life insurance may drop over time.

The premium for a life insurance policy is the amount you pay in return for the life insurance coverage on your life. The insurance company promises to pay out a death benefit to your beneficiary of you die, in return for your premiums you pay on your life insurance policy.

Premiums are based on several factors, including your age, health, occupation, hobbies, lifestyle, if you smoke, driving record, credit history, height-to-weight ratio, etc.

In addition, the type and amount of life insurance will have an affect on how much you pay for life insurance.

What can lower life insurance premiums?

Life insurance companies may lower their premiums over time if they have fewer claims, more people cancel their life insurance plans before dying, or people live for a longer period of time

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It depends. If you put on a metal roof where you had shingles before and you live in a high hail damage area, the premiums may go up. Typically a new roof will only help, but will not drop the premiums anywhere near the cost of the roof.

"Voluntary" insurance programs, such as those offered by AFLAC and certain other companies, are actually individual insurance policies that are marketed at the workplace-frequently during a period of "open enrollment". The premiums are paid by the employee, although the employer sometimes deducts premiums from pay upon the authorization of the employee. Therefore, the employer is not truly a party to the insurance transaction. All other things being equal, the employer cannot "drop" the coverage.

it will defiantly affect the premiums and depending on the insurance company they might drop him.

You can access a free life insurance premium calculator online at the Bankrate website. Once on the page, click on "Calculators" in the top navigation and select "Life Insurance" from the drop down box to compare rates and calculate premiums.

can a husband drop wife from insurance if not divorced.

Medicare becomes the primary insurance if you drop your employer insurance. Up until you drop your employer insurance, Medicare would be your secondary insurance.

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It depends. Usually an insurance company will drop you if they find out that some kind of fraud is incolved in a certain claim. However, they can drop you because of claim history, or too many accidents within a certain time frame. In essence, if they feel it would cost them more to insure you than you would pay them in premiums, they can drop you. However, they must have good and valid reasons to drop you in accordance to state insurance laws.

No, Your homeowners insurance will cover losses due to an "Act of Nature" if you have an extended coverage policy. For a claim caused by an "Act of God" you'll have to rely on prayer.

PMI is not a product that you purchase from an insurance agent like myself. It is an insurance policy that covers the bank if your mortgage is foreclosed on. Generally PMI is required by the bank if you are financing 80% or more of the value of the home. The insurance covers the bank but you are required to pay the premiums. After your mortgage balance falls below 80% of appraised value you can and should drop the coverage. The bank will not notify you of this so you have to tell them.

Just to name a few, the effects of gangs include: intentional and unintentional deaths; drive by shootings; rampant drug distribution and use; high school drop outs; theft which causes increased insurance claims and premiums.

No, it is not illegal for a homeowners insurance company to drop you. But they have to follow the rules for cancellations and non-renewals for the state they are operating in. For example, in Louisiana, if you have been with your homeowners insurance company for 3 years, they can't drop you. In Florida your homeowners insurance company can drop or cancel you but they must meet the minimum notification timeframes.

You don't have to drop your auto insurance. Just notify your insurance company that you are no longer need the SR22 filing and they can remove it from your policy.

Voltage drop is caused by circuit resistance

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Absolutely not. If you aren't payin' you aren't gettin'! You are uninsured. There's no such thing as a "special pool".Special PoolThere is a "special pool" called "assigned risk insurance" in most states, but it's not for people who choose to drop their coverage and it AIN'T FREE. It's for people who can't qualify for insurance from any company at any rate. The state will assign a company to accept them but allows them charge very high premiums.

According to the NEC (national electric code) a maximum of 2% voltage drop is allowed.

Well, sadly, probably after a DWAI conviction your insurance will find it wise to drop you.

Once you submit an auto insurance claim can your provider deny it?

Can you drop your health insurance coverage at anytime from your employer?Read more: Can_you_drop_your_health_insurance_coverage_at_anytime_from_your_employer

You will just have to contact your insurance company and ask them. Some companies will drop your policy while others will not.

Many variables factor into the cost of automobile insurance, but one of the variables that quickly drives up the price of car insurance premiums is a driver's age. Young drivers in Detroit who are under the age of 25 face the highest car insurance premiums because of their age and lack of experience. However, there are several ways to reduce the cost of automobile insurance for young drivers. Follow these tips to insure your young drivers in Detroit for the best possible rates.Coverage and DeductiblesThe quickest and easiest way to reduce car insurance premiums when insuring a young driver is to set the deductibles for collision and comprehensive coverage to $1,000 or more. Raising the deductibles will lower the premiums. Another fast way to reduce the cost of insuring a young adult is to completely drop the collision and comprehensive coverage if the young driver is driving an older model vehicle. However, young drivers should never cut liability coverage.Safe CarOne important variable that car insurance companies use to determine a young driver's premiums is the safety of the car. A car that has safety features like air bags reduces the cost of car insurance and reduce's the insurance company's costs for injuries.Good Student DiscountMost automobile insurance companies offer discounts to young drivers who attend high school or college full time. Students who earn grade point averages of 3.0 or better can earn discounts of up to about 10 percent off of their car insurance premiums.Multi-Policy DiscountsMany car insurance companies offer discounts when a household uses one company for all of their insurance needs. By lumping together car insurance policies and even home insurance, renter's insurance and health insurance policies, drivers can save a lot on their insurance premiums.Safe Driving CourseYoung drivers should ask about discounts that may be offered for safe driving programs. Automobile insurance companies may offer discounts to young drivers in Detroit who attend defensive driving courses, watch instructional DVDs, read driver safety books or who take special safe driving tests.

No. OSHA training for your employees may be required under law, so you may have insurance problems if you do not get them that training.Safety efforts can have a positive impact on your claims and therefore your premiums may come down. There are persistant stories of come Comp Carriers dropping companies because their premiums are lowered due to improved safety performance. However, a quality comp carrier will prefer clients with better safety records and will seek to keep them.

Check and make sure that your spouse's employer does not require you to keep your insurance first. My employer requires that if your spouse has insurance available through their work they must get it or they will drop them from their policy. Yes. The problems come not when you drop a plan, but when you want to sign up for a plan and it's not open enrollment or you're a new hire. For more info see and scroll down to "deleting employees from a plan" My ex wife has custody of our two children. She just put insurance on them from her work a few weeks ago. I just graduated college and put them on my insurance at work. Her insurance says that she can't drop the dependant children with out an "event" happening. They said I would have to go to court and have the court order me to pay support, then they would drop her coverage. I belive you can drop anytime. Does anyone know if I am right or not? ANSWER If the employer takes the premiums for the insurance in pre-tax dollars by using a 125 Flex Premium Only Plan, the IRS can penalize the employer for allowing employees to drop the insurance plan without an IRS qualified "event." An event is defined as a birth, a death, a marriage, a divorce, an adoption, a change of employment, a court order, a move of over 50 miles.

All insurance companies are different with their own set of rules in regard to when you are more of liability and they decide to drop you. Check with your own insurance company for a more specific answer.