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Chicken scratch is sold commercially. Every feed and grain outlet has its own blend . Basically, it has a mix of grain like barley, whole wheat and crushed corn. Very little protein is added if any.

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Why do chicken tap their feet?

Tapping is a way to scratch the ground for food.

When to feed a newly hatched chicken.?

They need to have food when out of the shell. Scratch works well.

With what animal do English compare a person with a bad handwriting?

chicken Handwriting that's difficult to read is called "chicken scratch."

Is chicken scratch money?


Where can one find a chicken parmesan recipe?

You can find chicken parmesan recipes from the following sources: Food, All Recipes, A Taste of Home, Inspired Taste, No Recipes, Simply Scratch, Food Network.

Does a chicken scratch a booty with pickles?

If chickens scratch booties with pickles, cocks scratch booties with cookies.

Why are Chicken Turtles called Chicken Turtles?

Because they can be eaten as food, and perhaps they "taste like chicken"

What food do chickens need?

Chicken scratch and layer pellets and any trimmings from the garden. Any feed store will Carry these.

What is chicken SCRATCH?

Chicken scrach can mean lots of things like embroidery or self harm. I use the term chicken scratch when I'm talking about self harm or scratching your self. If your mates give you a chicken scratch its not counted as self harm but if youdi it to your self it is. And i dunno about the embroidery:L

Can a chicken back up when they walk?

Yes, chickens can and do move backwards. When they scratch the ground for food they move backwards to see what they have uncovered.

How important is chicken scratch to chickens?

pretty important because it is their main food source, but you can also feed them different foods if you have ran out

Is chicken a vegetable?

Chicken is an animal. Any food that is made from animal parts is called meat.

Why do they eat chicks that are about 8weeks old?

get chicken scratch

Why is chickenpox itchy?

Chicken pox is itchy because you just can't stop scratching you chicken pox. Every time you scratch your body that has chicken pox you just make you body more itchy. Try not to scratch

Why does your cat scratch on the floor by her food?

Cats scratch the floor by their food for the same reason they scratch around the litterbox: to cover it. Cats hide their food in the wild by covering it up.

Where can one find Chicken Broth recipes?

Simply Recipes has a page that explains in great detail how to make Chicken Broth from scratch. Food Network page also has a great variety of broth and soup recipes.

How do you get the food for the chicken in skulduggry island in poptropica?

you collect the coin called doubloon from under the bridge. then you go to the man with the 2 chickens and give him the chicken food.

Which term refers to bad hand writing?

Chicken scratch

What is it called when you scratch through the slip?

It is called "sgraffito" the Italian word for scratch.

Why do peacocks scratch the ground?

they scratch the ground because they look for food

What food does chicken eat?

the chicken eats food

What are the release dates for Dexter's Laboratory Chicken Scratch - 2002?

Dexter's Laboratory Chicken Scratch - 2002 was released on: USA: 3 July 2002 Brazil: 12 July 2002

A chicken in the act of giving birth called?

Chickens do not give birth. Chicken reproduce by laying eggs, which are hatched in about 21 days after they are laid. A chicken is called a laying chicken when it is grown for the purpose of laying eggs, as opposed to a frying or eating chicken, which is raised for food.

How do you get rid of measles?

chicken soup will work.and dont scratch your butt

If you take a duck a turkey and a chicken and combine them what do you get?

Turducken. The cat food brand Merrick has a canned food called "Turducken." Indeed, it is turkey, chicken, and duck mixed together.