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it has different countries in the Olympics and you study countries in geography


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Geography is not a requirement of Summer Olympics but is in the orienteering in the winter Olympics

Geography is linked to ww1 because pysical geography got to do with it because it got to do with relations hops of the world

---- ====== ====== what has the lightning bolt got to do with the olympics?

According to my geography teacher, the answer is 16. And London with host the Olympics for the 4th time in 2012.

cricket has got a lot to do with geography like...the weather, thedifferentteams around the world and where the equipment is made around the world hope this helps:)

The Olympics is linked to Geography because it can be held in different countries and the participants are people from many countries all over the world. The goal of the Olympic games is to bring the people of the world together for a peaceful purpose.

Geography can show where the highest crime rate is and where to go if you want to have a peaceful holiday.

to honor the people that have got injured or possible killed in the Olympics!

I don't know all who got a silver in the Olympics but I do know who got for gymnastics, Shawn Johnson

Belgium has participated in both Olympics i got my answer from wikipedia

Because they got chosen Because they got chosen

i got a gold medal in the Olympics.

The Olympics came from the Greek, who started it as an annual tournament which then got spread to the whole world and Olympics started. But the origin of it came from Greece.

Because the first ever ever ever Olympics were in Olympia so they got the name Olympics. and if did not know Olympia is in Greece

they begin in 1895 they begin because they needed more games as the olympics got older

The Modern Olympics (starting in 1859) were in Greece in a city called Olympia. I suppose Olympia is where they got the word Olympics from.

it was started to see who got skillls

Olympics were held so different country's could form friendships but as life got on Olympics just became sport and entertainment.

the Olympics has changed in many ways like there is more games and event being held and the event of the Olympics going on has got much much bigger

In 1998 winter Olympics, Canada got 15 medals

in the 1996 olympics,yes, because Atlanta got bombed.

What are the ten spanish athltes that won gold medals in the 2008 Olympics?

Indonesia won 2 gold medals in 1992 Summer Olympics.

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