What has the author Kenelm Henry Digby written?

Kenelm Henry Digby has written:

'Little Low Bushes: Poems'

'Compitum' -- subject(s): Catholic Church, Apologetic works

'Mores catholici, or, Ages of faith' -- subject(s): Middle Ages, Church history

'Halcyon Hours: Poems / by Kenelm Henry Digby'

'Maxims of Christian chivalry, from the Broadstone of honour' -- subject(s): Chivalry

'An introduction to the history of the law of real property, with original authorities'

'The temple of memory [a poem]'

'Little low bushes'

'The Lover's Seat' -- subject(s): Conduct of life, Conduct of life.

'The broad stone of honour; or, The true sense and practice of chivalry' -- subject(s): Chivalry

'Maxims of Christian chivalry' -- subject(s): Chivalry

'Ouranogaia: heaven on earth [a poem]'

'The Children's bower; or, What you like' -- subject(s): Children

'Short poems'