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Manoel Bezerra e Silva has written:

'Trindade, terra sem lei'

'Contos e festas sertanejas'

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What has the author Manoel Luiz da Silva written?

Manoel Luiz da Silva has written: 'Bananeiras' -- subject(s): History

What is the birth name of Bezerra da Silva?

Bezerra da Silva's birth name is Jos Bezerra da Silva.

When was Bezerra da Silva born?

Bezerra da Silva was born on March 9, 1927, in Recife, Pernambuco, Brazil.

When was Manoel da Silva Filho born?

Manoel da Silva Filho was born on 1978-02-02.

When did Bezerra da Silva die?

Bezerra da Silva died on January 17, 2005, in Rio de Janeiro, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil of emphysema.

When was Manoel de Oliveira da Silva Júnior born?

Manoel de Oliveira da Silva Júnior was born on 1976-09-24.

What has the author Olmo Silva written?

Olmo Silva has written: 'Entrepreneurship'

What has the author Medardo Angel Silva written?

Medardo Angel Silva has written: 'Medardo Angel Silva'

What has the author Mayra Silva written?

Mayra Silva has written: 'Mayra Silva' -- subject(s): Catalogs

What has the author Umberto Silva written?

Umberto Silva has written: 'Plinio Mesciulam'

What has the author Severine Silva written?

Severine Silva has written: 'Toponomy of Canara'

What has the author A Silva Villalobos written?

A. Silva Villalobos has written: 'Asombro, poemas'

What has the author BENEDITO SILVA written?

BENEDITO SILVA has written: 'Padre Ibiapina'

What has the author Ivo Silva written?

Ivo Silva has written: 'Implosive isle'

What has the author Silva Freire written?

Silva Freire has written: 'Trilogia cuiabana'

What has the author Alencar e Silva written?

Alencar e Silva has written: 'Lunamarga'

What has the author Marisa Silva written?

Marisa Silva has written: 'Taller de juguetes'

What has the author Orlando Sampaio Silva written?

Orlando Sampaio Silva has written: 'Tuxa'

What has the author Ana Josefa Silva written?

Ana Josefa Silva has written: 'Off the record'

What has the author Marie Silva Vallejo written?

Marie Silva Vallejo has written: 'The battle of Ising'

What has the author Mercedes Silva written?

Mercedes Silva has written: 'Mensajes del Gran Chaco'

What has the author June De Silva written?

June De Silva has written: 'A flying start!'

What has the author Lito Silva written?

Lito Silva has written: 'O canto de Lusunzi'

What has the author Agnaldo Lima Silva written?

Agnaldo Lima Silva has written: 'Ventre aberto'

What has the author Joao Santos Silva written?

Joao Santos Silva has written: 'The log of gravity'

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